Watergarden Tutorials

At Russell Watergardens we want every customer to feel confident about they’re purchases and they’re installation processes. Our online tutorials are a step by step guide to the kits we offer. These how-to’s can be used by your contractor or even by you! Just choose your desired pond kit, pull up to the computer and dive right in. We even have cool how-to videos to guide you through the process.

The Ultimate Pondless Waterfall cleaning is very popular due to it’s easy to use functionality and highly efficient results.  It allows pond owners to maintain their ponds much easier than before. Owners love it because it reduces the average amount of money and time required for maintenance. Featuring our state of the art technology the Hydro Sieve and Hydro Vortex thee kits make a huge difference in the overall experience of your pond.

 Follow our step by step guide to building your own HBV Series Bubble-less pond. Many pond owners never experience the highest level of clarity with their koi ponds or watergardens. Our Koi pond kits feature a HydroBead Vortex HBV-21 filter, pond skimmer, air pump, hydrosieve, aeration tower and much more.

Did you ever think you’d be able to build a rock structure in your own backyard? Well, with our Russell Technologies rock column kits you can do just that! Check out our rock column how-to’s to learn all about our nylon fiber reinforced rock column fountains that you can lift yourself!

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