Water Lilies in the Winter?

The summer is the perfect time to get out into your garden and strengthen your green thumb. It’s also the perfect time to install a water garden if you haven’t already. Your summer gardening decisions should also factor in the harsh seasons that are sure to follow, i.e. winter.  Learn how to properly choose and care for your gardens water lilies before the seasons change.
There are two main types of water lilies: hardy and tropical. Both will require some TLC, to make it through the winter in cold climates. That’s why a lot of gardeners grow water lilies as annuals, composting them at the end of the season. But if you have the space and the where with all, it is possible to over winter both hardy and tropical water lilies. You should expect to have varying degrees of success, since there are a lot of things that can go wrong when trying to over winter water lilies. Outdoors, the weather can surprise you by becoming colder than expected or with wide temperature swings. Indoors you can control conditions better, but sometimes the plants simply aren’t able to adjust.

Winter Care of Water Lilies

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