The World’s Prettiest Ponds in Pictures

Royal Botanic Gardens Pond- Kew, London

Monet’s Water Garden Pond- Giverny, France

As pond experts, we’ve committed ourselves to helping you enhance your property through ponds and pondless waterfalls but the ponds highlighted here don’t belong in a backyard. They’re for the enjoyment of all. The Earth is filled with natural beauty and sometimes we’re lucky enough to capture its beauty within a photographic lens. Forbe’s picture guide has managed to do just that in each still shot feature here. The peacefulness and adventure of each pond noted is a masterpiece in itself. Explore this visual journey of the world’s prettiest ponds.
When it comes to beautiful ponds, it’s difficult to think of one more famous than the miniature pool of water that inspired Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. Situated in a small, wooded area in Concord, Massachusetts, Walden Pond served as the backdrop for one of Thoreau’s most enduring works. Written in 1854, after Thoreau spent two years living near the pond’s edge, the book is credited with inspiring the subsequent back-to-nature conservationist movement. Were the author to visit today, he would be pleased to discover the great lengths taken to preserve the area, but he would no doubt mourn the loss of complete solitude. The 21st century Walden Pond attracts droves of tourists each year, and it’s not unusual to see its waters brimming with sunbathers and swimmers every summer.

The World’s Prettiest Ponds

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