The Marvel of Crossover Ponds

Koi ponds come in a variety of forms. Some are better designed for the well-being of the fish; others are geared toward more aesthetic purposes. Our CrossOver Ponds are designed to look like a beautiful Hybrid Pond, but carry the depth and overall design to create the ideal environment for your Koi fish.

Just take a look at some RT CrossOver Pond™ benefits:
  • Maximum creativity and design options.
  • Remotely installed HydroClean™ pond skimmer to remove leaves, needles, and debris but not interrupt the pond’s edge – and become virtually invisible behind landscaping.
  • Easy to clean HydroSieve™ bottom drain pre-filter removes fish waste before the pump and UV system.
  • Fully self-cleaning back washable Hydro Vortex™ biological waterfall filter to trap and remove fine particulate for superior water polishing and clarity.
  • Fully self-cleaning back washable vortex biological waterfall filter to metabolize fish waste, ammonia, dust, pollen, bird waste, and dissolved organics that would otherwise feed algae.
  • Smooth bare liner on all vertical and horizontal surfaces except upper plant shelf that is lined with boulders.
  • No gravel to clean.
  • Bottom drain for continual submerged debris removal.
  • Choice of HydroFlush™, or ElectroFlush™ Backwash Systems.
For an idea of what a CrossOver pond looks like from the air, click here. If you have any CrossOver questions, please call us  Toll-Free at 1-800-844-9314. 

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