The Guide to Perfect Pergolas

Arches and Pergolas are beautiful features for your garden. Using climbers to spruce up the overall feel of your outdoor structures. You love the scent and colors they provide to the scenery. Climbers are a great addition to your fall gardening projects.
Climbing plants grow in several different ways. There are those, such as ivy, that climb by means of aerial roots, and those – like Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus) — that stick to the wall with suckers. By their very nature these plants tend to stay flat to a wall and, while they may be ideal on solid brick arches, they are less suitable for covering structures made of wood or metal. For these, twining plants are preferable since they will not only cover all sides of the posts but will also reach from beam to beam, giving a greater coverage of foliage and consequently more shade. 


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