The Best Landscaping Ideas for Your Region

 The location of your residence plays a large role in the type of landscaping that’s best for your outdoors area. Weather patterns and environmental trends should be primary factors when planning your landscaping and watergardens. Each region calls for individualized maintenance routines. Learn the best practices and design theories for your region in this article highlighting the USDA Hardiness Zone guide.
Gardening in the Southwest is very different from gardening in the Midwest, Mountain West, Northeast, South, Northwest, or even Southern California. What works for one state — or even for one county — may not work elsewhere. We’ve taken the work out of it with a region-by-region guide to achieving garden success. The first step is to understand your USDA Hardiness Zone: Guides and maps will help you find your magic number and learn more about what’s typical for your region. 

Gardening by Region

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