Summertime Water Pond Creations

It’s almost that time of year when lemonade and sunshine are plenty. School’s out and summer’s in! And nothing is a better summertime activity than getting your hands a little dirty and your feet a little wet while making your own backyard water pond.

Summertime Pond Supplies

The first step in building a water pond is to get your pond supplies. At Russell Watergardens, we have a number of kits in different pond sizes to help keep things simple. We get you started with everything you need with filters, PVC pipe, sealant, pumps and more.


Adding some lighting to your summer pond lets you enjoy it both during both day and night. Color-changing lights add a touch of beauty and design to any water feature.

Water Plants & Features

Plants and other features are the makers and breakers of backyard water features. Choosing the right plants not only looks lovely, but can even make maintenance easier. Other features to consider adding are rock columns, waterfalls and streams


Add a little life to your water garden by including koi fish. Koi are more than just a pond feature, they’re a family pet that you can enjoy. Watch them swim and have fun feeding them. They come in all different shapes and colors.

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