Summer Gardening Tips

Summer Gardening Tips From Russell Watergardens

Summer Gardening TipsSummer can be tough when it comes to maintaining the health of your water garden. Many people experience an increase in algae, which can be incredibly detrimental to your pond, especially if it’s blanket weed or the tenacious string algae. Extreme water evaporation has also been experienced, but with the right steps can be avoided. Here at Russell Water Gardens, we want to ensure your water garden survives, and we have a few summer gardening tips to help guide you.

Summer Gardening Tip Number 1: Algae Control

During the summer, algae buildup can increase exponentially, leading to a decline in your water garden ecosystem. You want to consistently reduce the debris in your pond as it helps grow the harmful algae. Many people use a skimmer net to give their water gardens a once over, yet you want to be careful not to disturb any salamander or frog’s eggs. An excellent way to discard your debris consisting of dead leaves and plants would be to use it as a natural compost for any shrubs you may have growing.

Summer Gardening Tip Number 2: Take Care of Your Water

Naturally, the water in your pond is of major importance to maintaining the health of your water garden. A common problem can be excessive nutrients in your water, which can often be a result of fertilizer run-off from nearby lawns or growing plants. Many people make the mistake of changing your pond water, and this can backfire in a big way. An excellent option to maintain the nutrient level in your water would be a natural solution, such as adding barley straw in a floating sachet. Barley straw works to make the water unreceptive for algae growth. These barley sachets last roughly 6 months, whereas many other options last far shorter. You may also consider some non-toxic and biological additives. These types of treatments may aid in creating beneficial bacteria, and they need to be added intermittently over the summer season.

Summer Gardening Tip Number 3: Shade Your Water Garden

With the sometimes unbearable summer heat, it is important to take into account how it affects your water garden. Many experts advise that at least 1/3 of your pond should be shaded. Algae is more likely to spread in full-sun ponds, thus the necessity of shading. A couple easy ways to shade your water garden would be to place floating water plants on your pond, or another option is to place some taller, shade-casting plants alongside your pond. Another shading option would be to add non-toxic black water dye to your pond, as it helps reduce light in the water, and needs to be applied roughly once a month.

Maintaining Your Water Garden Health

With these summer gardening tips, we hope to aid you in your quest to keep a healthy, clean water garden year-round. Should you require any additional assistance or tips, please contact Russell Water Gardens today. We are available by phone at 800-844-9314.