Sloping Stream Inspiration

 This sloping stream pond inspiration can bring beauty and serenity to any backyard landscaping. The variety of plants and flowers, rocks and natural elevations are whimsical. This feature also includes a range of colors and multi-levels of calming waterfalls.

A Sloping Stream – A cacophony of colors and materials decorates the outlines of a stream. A variety of visually-interesting materials and plants, including a weeping willow and variously sized boulders, move the eye from the top of the gentle slope downward. Large, flat boulders do double duty, edging the pond and providing a wide enough spot for an informal path. A few dwarf evergreens add year-round structure among the brightly colored lilies and black-eyed Susans. Groundcovers and water plants, including water lilies, soften the otherwise hard edges of the pond’s rocky border A gentle curve cut out of the walkway mimics the outlines of the pond.

Water Garden Landscaping Ideas

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