HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam Professional applicator gun

Professional Waterfall Foam Gun for HydroFoam™



HydroFoam™ Applicator Gun
Waterfall Foam Gun Applicator

Professional Applicator Gun

  • For use with 32 oz. cans of HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Saves foam
  • Waterfall foam can stays on gun for storage
  • The Professional's Choice

    HydroFoam™ professional black waterfall foam is easy to use, and fast drying. It is critical in the construction and bonding of stone waterfalls and streams.

    Waterfall Foam Gun Cleaner

    Waterfall Foam

    Product Description

    HydroFoam™ Professional Waterfall Foam Gun

    For Use With 32 oz. Can of HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam Sealant

    Tested Best Waterfall Foam Gun

  • Heavy duty waterfall foam applicator gun
  • Steel, brass, and polymer construction
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Saves waterfall foam
  • Extends life of a can of waterfall foam
  • Made in Germany

  • HydroFoam™ Professional Waterfall Foam Gun
    Heavy Duty Steel, Brass, and Polymer

    Professional Applicator Gun For use with HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam

    Heavy Duty waterfall foam gun. When working in and around rocks and boulders, you want heavy duty tools.

    The steel, brass, and polymer waterfall foam gun stands up to waterfall construction.

    HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam Gun With adjustable flow rate

    This professional waterfall foam gun saves on waterfall foam by delivering just the right amount of foam. The adjustable flow rate lets you dial down the flow for narrow voids and cavities. Turn up the flow rate to fill large voids..

    Professional Applicator Gun 32 oz. HydroFoam™ can threads onto the applicator gun

    High Quality and Durable brass connection port for the 32 oz. can of HydroFoam™. Demanding jobs require durable stools. The brass can connection port of the HydroFoam™ waterfall foam gun will not crack like lower quality plastic waterfall foam guns.

    HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam Attached to professional applicator gun

    HydroFoam™ professional 32 ounce can threads onto the applicator gun. The gun allows for intermittent use. The length of the professional HydroFoam™ applicator gun reaches into voids under and behind boulders. An application straw can be attached to the end of the gun’s nozzle to reach deep voids. To release the waterfall foam, simply pull the trigger of the gun. Release the trigger to stop the flow of waterfall foam.

    Additional Information


    HydroGun™ $89.99, HydroGun™ with 32 oz. can of HydroFoam™ $99.99, Gun Cleaner Foam Remover $25.99


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