HydroUV Modular UV Clarifiers

UV Clarifiers 11, 18, and 36 Watts



UV Clarifiers
11 Watt, 18 Watt, and 36 Watt
Keep your pond water clean and clear all year long.

These modular HydroUV™ UV Clarifiers with three connection points allow you to customize just the right number of UV clarifiers for your total pond volume and flow rate of your pump. HydroUV™ UV clarifiers can be “daisy-chained” together to give you the maximum clarifying power possible. Each UV clarifier comes with a viewing port so you can easily check the status of the UV bulb inside.

For more in-depth information and photos of each HydroUV click on the following links:

11 Watt HydroUV™ for 900 gallons @ 300 gph

18 Watt HydroUV™ for 1,500 gallons @ 500 gph

36 Watt HydroUV™ for 3,000 gallons @ 1,000 gph

Product Description

UV Clarifier Features:

  • 11, 18, and 36 Watt UV clarifiers
  • Modular UV clarifier design for “daisy-chaining” for unlimited water volume UV clarifying
  • Compact design for easy installation and bulb replacement
  • Three gasketed ports
  • One inlet, one outlet, and one bulb viewing port
  • Heavy duty ballast
  • Adapters included for tubing from 3/4″ to 1½”
  • Weather resistant plastic UV and ballast housing
  • Salted water compatible
  • 6′ heavy duty cord from plug to ballast
  • 10′ heavy duty cord from ballast to UV
  • 1 year warranty*

  • Keep your pond water clean and clear all year long with HydroUV™ UV clarifiers.

    A UV clarifier is a great item to have on every pond. A UV clarifier works by passing the water through a pipe casing around a UV light bulb. The high intensity UV light kills off the microscopic algae cells that form green water.

    HydroUV™ clarifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy the reproductive ability of suspended algae. Dead algae clump together in particles large enough to be removed by filtration, leaving the pond clearer.

    UV clarifiers usually control algae blooms within five days and keep the pond green-free. String algae is NOT affected by UV clarifiers.

    The Difference Between a UV Clarifier and a UV Sterilizer

    The difference between a UV clarifier and a UV sterilizer is how fast the water flows through the unit. Algae cells are relatively easy to kill so you can pass the water (and the cells) through the unit at a faster rate and still achieve results. A UV sterilizer is designed to kill bacteria and other organism. A UV clarifier is designed to kill algae cells.

    Add a UV Clarifier to Your Pond and Get Rid of Green Water!

    *Warranty is VOID if electrical cords or plug is cut or altered in any way. Inspect electrical cords for shipping damage prior to installation. If damaged during shipping, do not install the UV. Contact Russell Watergardens & Koi immediately for a replacement. Bulb not included in warranty.

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    11 Watts for 900 gallons @ 300 gph, 18 Watts for 1,500 gallons @ 500 gph, 36 Watts for 3,000 gallons @ 1,000 gph


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