Submersible Pump Family

Submersible Pump Family: SH Series Reliable Submersible Pumps from 2,700 – 10,500 gph



SH Series Submersible Pumps
Reliable and dependable submersible pumps for ponds and waterfalls

If you have a failed submersible pump in need of replacement – feel free to call us TOLL-FREE at 1-800-844-9314 if you need help deciding which SH submersible pump is right for you.

SH Series Reliable Submersible Pumps Flow rate curve and head

SH-2700 2,700 gph @ 5'
SH-4020 4,020 gph @ 5'
SH-5100 5,100 gph @ 5'
SH-6900 6,900 gph @ 5'
SH-10500 10,500 gph @ 5'

Submersible Pumps

Product Description

Submersible Pump

SH Series Submersible Pump Features:

  • High efficiency motors with industry leading Class E insulation for long life and low operating costs
  • Seamless casing for superior corrosion resistance
  • 304 stainless steel and poly amide fiber reinforced resin for corrosion resistance
  • Anti-vibration bearing technology
  • Air filled motor environmentally safe and provides lower average operating temperatures
  • Seal extender cools seal surfaces more efficiently than standard seals
  • Anti-wicking cable entry prevents water from entering the motor housing if cable gets damaged
  • Thermal overload prevents motor from overheating due to locked impeller or under voltage
  • Superior O-rings provide 250% more sealing surface
  • Continuous duty operation

  • SH Series Submersible Pumps Reliable, dependable performance. 2 year warranty.

    SH Series Reliable and Dependable Submersible Pumps

    There are many brands of submersible pumps. Many are not rated for the continuous duty operation that a pond or waterfall requires. We’ve found that SH Series submersible pumps last longer, and provide more reliability and dependability than any other brand.

    SH Series submersible pumps make great replacements for other brands of submersible pumps that fail prematurely. You can rest assured that your SH Series submersible pump will provide you with reliable performance. Each model of SH submersible pump comes with a 2 year warranty.

    An SH Series submersible pump is a great choice for your pond or pondless waterfall. With flow rates ranging from 2,700 gph to over 10,000 gph – we have an SH Series submersible pump for you. SH Series submersible pumps are very reliable, dependable, and energy efficient. Install a SH Series submersible pump inside a pond skimmer or pondless waterfall pump vault.

    Problems With Typical Submersible Pumps

    The typical submersible pump that you can find all over the internet isn’t very reliable. Many are inexpensive sump pumps that are not rated for continuous duty operation. The typical submersible pumps doesn’t have double mechanical seals: Silicon Carbide Lower and Carbon Ceramic Upper as with each SH Series model.

    Submersible pumps without double mechanical seals eventually let water seep into the bearings, and then the motor. The first symptom is a “growling”, or “grinding” sound. This is a sign that bearings are starting to fail due to water seepage. The next system is the G.F.C.I. trips. This means that water has made contact with internal electrical components. This means the pump needs immediate replacement.

    Benefits of SH Series Submersible Pumps

    Each SH Series submersible pump features double mechanical seals: Silicon Carbide Lower and Carbon Ceramic Upper for reliable performance. They are rated for continuous duty operation. Each SH Series submersible pump also has anti-wicking electrical cable entry that adds another level water leak prevention.

    Protect your submersible pump investment from low water burn out with our
    Auto ON-OFF Float Switch

    Protect Your Pump Investment with our Professional Auto On-OFF Float Switch
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    Additional Information

    Pump With or Without an Auto ON-OFF Float Switch

    SH-2700 $349.99, SH-2700 With Auto ON-OFF Float Switch $429.99, SH-4020 $459.99, SH-4020 With Auto ON-OFF Float Switch $539.99, SH-5100 $559.99, SH-5100 With Auto ON-OFF Float Switch $639.99, SH-6900 $679.99, SH-6900 With Auto ON-OFF Float Switch $759.99, SH-10500 $859.99, SH-10500 With Auto ON-OFF Float Switch $939.99


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