Red LED Light Amphibious red LED light can be used underwater or in your landscape or in your home or office.

Red LED Light Fixture for Underwater or Landscape



Red LED Light

Amphibious Red LED Light
This amphibious red LED light is perfect for lighting streams, waterfalls, shallow ponds, fountains, homes, offices, or anything within a landscape.

With 36 high output red led's, pond stand, landscape spike, 30' cable, and transformer
This red LED light is for making your pond, streams, or waterfalls festive for holiday seasons, birthday parties, special events, and New Year's Eve parties. You can use this light to give for a scary Halloween lighting effect!

Each red LED light comes complete super efficient and long lasting LED's, chromed aluminum casing, 1 clear diffuser lens, as well as waterproof cord, and a plug-in transformer.

This light can used by itself with the included transformer, or used with existing transformers.

Product Description

Red LED Light Complete with efficient red LED's, diffuser lens, pond stand, landscape spike,  30' cord, and plug-in transformer

Red LED Light

Each LED light comes complete with 30′ of waterproof cable, 32 high output red LED’s, diffuser lens, rugged waterproof chromed aluminum housing, pond stand, landscape spike, and a plug-in transformer.

Red LED Light With high output, super efficient red LED's
Red LED Light With clear diffuser lens
Red LED Light Great for adding red to your pond, stream, and/or waterfalls!
Red LED Light Great for adding red to your home or office - indoors and out!
Red LED Light Great for adding red to your landscape!

These red lights are the perfect addition to your streams, waterfalls, and shallow ponds. They can be used completely submerged, partially submerged, or not submerged at all! They are truly an amphibious light!

Add some red to your pond, stream, waterfall, or landscape with this super efficient red light!! Make your Christmas, New Year’s, 4th of July, and Halloween decorations pop with this red led light! Your neighbors will be jealous!

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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in
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