Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Cleaner Pond and waterfall cleaner

Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner

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Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner

If your waterfall rocks, pond rocks, pond gravel, or fountain is experiencing green, yellow, red, brown, or black buildup – Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner is just what you're looking for!

Quickly Scrubs Away the Toughest Buildup
Harmless to your fish and safe for submerged water plants, pets and wildlife when used as directed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner
What People Are Saying About Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner

Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner Before and After

Algae Control

Water Treatments

Product Description

Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Cleaner Product label

Tested The Best Pond Cleaner

  • Oxygen based pond cleaner for all types of ponds, waterfalls, streams, rock columns, fountains, and water features
  • Active ingredients: Sodium Carbonate and Hydrogen Peroxide – Na2CO2 & H2O2
  • Intense hydrogen peroxide scrubbing action naturally removes unsightly build-up
  • Goes to work quickly
  • Easy to use granules
  • Safe for fish and wildlife when used as directed
  • Effective on waterfall rocks, rock columns, pond rock, and pond and stream gravel
  • Effective on and will not harm pond liner, gunite, concrete, shotcrete, and polyurea liners
  • Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner 2 lb., 8 lb, and 25 lb. containers
  • Works on all submerged and non-submerged surfaces
  • Sinks through water to work on submerged surfaces
  • Scrubs away even the toughest build-up
  • Use at first sign of any unsightly build-up
  • Can be used weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • First time dosage: 3-16 scoops for every 200 square feet of affected area
  • Maintenance dosage: 1-5 scoops for every 200 square feet of affected area
  • Scoop included
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Airtight containers
  • 2, 8, or 25 pound containers
  • Made in the USA

  • Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner

    Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner Scoop and easy to use granules

    Hydro Vescense™ is a special blend of ingredients that utilizes the powerful, yet gentle scrubbing action of granular hydrogen peroxide to remove unsightly buildup in seconds.

    Hydro Vescense™ is a granular, non-copper effervescent pond cleaner. It works on contact through the power of oxidation. The two active ingredients in Hydro Vescence™ combine to form “Sodium percarbonate“. Essentially it is a stabilized and powerful version of Peroxide chemistry. 

    Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner Easy to use, low dust granules

    Easy to Use, Hydro Vescense™ is a low dust granular pond cleaner. Powder oxy pond cleaners can release large amounts of dust that must be avoided. The granules of Hydro Vescense™ release little to no dust.

    Unlike typical oxy pond cleaners that can cause pH swings – Hydro Vescense™ features sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, gently buffers the water to prevent pH swings. Your koi and pond fish require stable pH and the baking soda in HydroVescense™ helps.

    Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner Works on Waterfalls

    BEFORE Hydro Vescense™ Green buildup

    A common problem with waterfalls is unsightly buildup on waterfall rocks. But what do you do? Chlorine and other types of algaecides are toxic to pond fish and may harm water plants. Birds enjoying bathing in your waterfalls and you don’t want to harm them. Your pet may drink from your waterfall – so you don’t want toxic chemicals anywhere near your waterfalls.

    Waterfall Rock with Hydro Vescense™ Going to work on the buildup

    The Eco Friendly Solution to the problem is Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner. Follow these easy steps to get rid of the buildup on your waterfall.

      1. Turn your pump off
      2. Sprinkle Hydro Vescense™ directly on the affected area
      3. Wait 10-15 minutes
      4. Turn your pump back on

    Waterfall Rock AFTER Hydro Vescense™ Nice and clean waterfall rock

    Nice and Clean waterfall rock. Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner gently scrubbed the buildup off the waterfall rock. With regular use, you can keep your waterfalls looking like new.

    Hydro Vescense™ is a contact cleaner that needs to make contact with the build-up to function properly. This is why turning off your pump when treating waterfalls is an important step.

    Waterfalls BEFORE and AFTER
    Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner

    Waterfalls BEFORE Hydro Vescense™ Unsightly buildup on the waterfalls
    Waterfalls AFTER Hydro Vescense™ Nice and clean waterfalls

    Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner

    Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner Works on Pond Gravel

    Hydro Vescense™ will easily clean dirty pond gravel

    Dirty pond gravel and river rock is easy to clean with Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner. It is important for the health of your fish to keep your pond gravel as clean as possible. Pond gravel is not harmful to your pond fish …. but DIRTY pond gravel is. Dirty pond gravel also feeds algae. Clean it with Hydro Vescense™.

    Dirty pond gravel is caused by decaying organics in the pond. It is also caused by bacterial waste known as detritus. Left in the pond, it will become anaerobic over time and cause pathogenic bacteria to proliferate. These bacteria are known to cause sickness and death in pond fish. Clean your gravel regularly with Hydro Vescence™.

    Applying Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner To dirty pond gravel

    Applying Hydro Vescence™ onto dirty pond gravel.

      1. Sprinkle Hydro Vescense™ directly over the submerged dirty pond gravel
      2. The Hydro Vescense™ will sink through the water and come to rest directly on the dirty pond gravel
      3. Watch and see what happens!

    Hydro Vescense™ pond cleaner Lifts the gunk off the gravel

    Apply Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner at the rate shown in this photo. Using the included scoop, sprinkle about a 1/4 scoop per square foot. If the gravel is heavily soiled, increase the application rate. You can’t use too much, but you can use too little. So start by applying a small amount, then increase the dosage as needed.

    An easy “rule-of-thumb” is to apply Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner as you would apply table salt to a food dish.

    In water temperatures above 60°, you’ll see the bubbling, scrubbing action of Hydro Vescense™ within minutes. It still works in colder water, it just takes a little longer.

    Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner Starts to "lift" the buildup

    The byproduct of Hydro Vescense™ is oxygen. The active ingredients in Hydro Vescense™ – Sodium percarbonate – releases oxygen in tens-of-thousands of tiny bubbles that “lift” the build-up for capture in capable filtration systems with easy backwash abilities such as: HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers, Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filters, and HydroBead Vortex™ pressurized bead filters.

    Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner will not harm submerged water plants, but should be immediately rinsed off any plant foliage that is not submerged as damage to the plant may occur.

    Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner Cleaned this pond gravel

    Clean and Healthy Pond Gravel with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner. With regular use, you can keep your pond gravel looking clean all year long!

    Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner will not harm fish swimming in the pond provided that you maintain adequate aeration during treatment. Hydro Vescense™ immediately releases oxygen when it starts working, but after all the oxygen has been released, the “dislodged” build-up re-absorbs oxygen. If the pond is not sufficiently aerated while using Hydro Vescense™, a drop in dissolved oxygen levels may result. A drop in oxygen can be fatal for your fish. So make sure your keep your waterfalls or aeration system running while treating your pond.

    Clean pond gravel with Hydro Vescense™ pond cleaner

    After applying the Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner, we used an ordinary garden hose to sprayed tap water into the pond gravel to “fluff” it up. This causes any remaining build-up trapped in the gravel to float to the surface where it can then get pulled into a HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer and Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter.

    The next day, we simply backwashed the Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter with the HydroFlush™ Backwash System and hosed off the HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer Elements.

    Altogether, a total of 20 minutes was spent cleaning this pond’s gravel. The Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner, HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer, and the Hydro Vortex™ Waterfall Filter did 99% of the work!

    Frequently Asked Questions about
    Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner

    What is Hydro Vescense™? How does it work? What elements does it contain, i.e. copper?

    Hydro Vescense™ is a granular, non-copper effervescent pond cleaner. It works on contact through the power of oxidation. The active ingredient in Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner is Sodium Percarbonate. Essentially it is a stabilized and powerful version of Peroxide chemistry – a granular formulation of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Hydro Vescense™ is a contact pond cleaner that needs to make contact with the buildup to function properly. 

    How quickly will Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner work?

    Hydro Vescense™ will begin to work within 60 seconds of application in water temperatures above 55°. Build-up will continue to “bubble” off for approximately 7 days – if significant amounts of build-up remain after 7 days, another dose is recommended.

    What are the Application Rates?

  • First Time Dosage: 3-16 tablespoons for every 200 square feet of build-up surface area.
  • Maintenance Dosage: 1-5 tablespoons for every 200 square feet of build-up surface area.
  • Spot Treatment Dosage: 1-5 tablespoons for every square feet of build-up surface area.

  • What kind of build-up does it specifically remove? (dirty water) or (surface area build-up)

    Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner is an effervescent cleaner that works on contact with build-up. It does not clean dirty or green water. For green water, we recommend UV clarifiers.

    For cleaning build-up: Use low to middle dosage rates above in water above 70 degrees, and maximum rates for water temperature below 70 degrees.

    For preventing build-up: If your pond or water feature is generally clean – use the maintenance dosage every 4 weeks or 1 per month. If you have a troubled pond or water feature that experiences heavy build-up – use the “First Time Dosage” every 3 weeks. 

    What can alter the effectiveness of Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    Amount and age of buildup. Older and dense build-up requires higher dosage rates.

  • Light intensity – Hydro Vescense™ works better and faster in sunny conditions
  • Water temperature – Hydro Vescense™ works is cold water, but works much faster in warmer water
  • Water quality – Hydro Vescense™ works more efficiently in relatively clean water that doesn’t have an excess of debris

  • Will my UV light affect the action of Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    We have not done any official testing on the effect of UV light on Hydro Vescense™, but it is believed that it may cause interference – therefore we recommend that you turn off any UV system before using Hydro Vescense™. You can turn it back on again approximately 2 hours after application.

    What are the known side effects of Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    Hydro Vescense™ can initially reduce the populations of crustaceans in a water body, but it has been demonstrated in field tests that these populations bounce back very readily. The same applies for bacterial colonies.


    We recommend using this product in conjunction with HydroClear™ Bacteria such as Spring Pond Maintenance, Summer Pond Maintenance, All Season Cold Water Maintenance, or Nitrification Cycle™.


    Is Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner toxic to koi or pond fish?

    Hydro Vescense™ will not harm any type of fish (including koi and trout) when used as directed. When applied to ponds the fish swim through it as it sinks with no problems. They may eat some of the buildup as it floats to the surface on the oxygen bubbles. Dead algae and oxygen bubbles are not toxic for the fish to eat.

    Just be aware, as with any other cleaning product, if you allow large amounts of build-up to decay within your pond it may cause dissolved oxygen to drop to dangerous levels. Make sure your water is heavily aerated either with waterfalls, fountains, or submerged aerators during Hydro Vescense™ applications. One way to avoid this problem is to treat early – before buildup ages or grows in intensity.

    Is Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner harmful to birds or other animals?

    The label states that Hydro Vescense™ is non-toxic to pets, fish, aquatic life, aquatic habitats, or ecosystems – WHEN USED AS DIRECTED. The statement only applies to the diluted granules in water. Once the product has been applied to your pond or water feature, the water dilutes Hydro Vescense™ and the toxicity rating no longer applies. This is true for all other animals and humans as well. Once applied to the water, the water dilutes Hydro Vescense™ to non-toxic status. Per the label, waters treated with Hydro Vescense™ are permissible to be used without interruption, but the product is not labeled for drinking water. 

    When not in use, keep Hydro Vescense™ containers CLOSED. 

    Hydro Vescense™ is toxic in its undiluted, dry granular state.

      DO NOT EAT

    Essentially all build-up cleaners should be applied before use of bacteria. Is Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner different?

    The same rule applies with Hydro Vescense™ – apply Hydro Vescense™ first and then apply HydroClear™ bacteria, the only difference with Hydro Vescense™ is that you can apply the HydroClear™ Bacteria such as Spring Pond Maintenance, Summer Pond Maintenance, All Season Cold Water Maintenance, or Nitrification Cycle™ 1 hour after applying Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner.

    How Does Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner work on floating buildup?

    Hydro Vescense™ is a granular product (granular dishwasher soap consistency) and some granules will be caught in floating debris while some will sink to the bottom – but if the floating debris is very dense, not much product will reach the bottom. Interestingly, Hydro Vescense™ releases oxygen as it works and will actually lift build-up to the surface where it can be removed by a HydroClean™ Pond Skimmer. 

    Should I turn my pump and filters off when treating with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    When treating ponds with Hydro Vescense™ it is recommend to leave your pump and filtration running

    When we are treating basalt columns, waterfalls, and streams briefly turn your pump off to apply Hydro Vescense™ directly on the buildup. Remember, Hydro Vescense™ is a contact cleaner and needs to make contact with the buildup – if you apply the product to a waterfall while the pump is running, the water flow will not let Hydro Vescense™ make contact with the buildup.

    Here is a quick rule of thumb: 

  • On rock columns, waterfalls, and streams – briefly turn your pump off to apply Hydro Vescense™ directly on the build-up. Let it sit for a few minutes, then turn your pump back on
  • On ponds – keep your pump running

  • What happens to Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner in the water? pH? Salinity?

    Hydro Vescense™ is a completely biodegradable and an organic product – its active ingredients are Sodium Carbonate (baking soda) and Hydrogen Peroxide. The main byproducts of Hydro Vescense™ are water and oxygen. The term often used with this type of product is “non-persistent chemistry”. Used as directed, Hydro Vescense™ should not have a major effect on water quality. When used very often/repetitively or under heavy buildup conditions, an eye should be kept on increasing pH and salinity levels. 

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    What are people saying about
    Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner?

    “I’m impressed the way the Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner works. We put the pond in last year and the water remains clean all the time. We did get build up, especially along the rocks below the falls. I put the Hydro Vescense on like it says in the instructions and I was amazed…it cleaned up the rocks and around the edge of the pond. I notice I have a little build-up in the bottom but thought maybe that was alright for now …I’m still learning. Also, want to let you know that the service your company provides is phenomenal. When we call or go online to order something, whatever it is, its here in one to two days, that we really appreciate. And when we call everyone there is always, courteous, helpful and prompt. If you like, you can quote anything you want.. I stand by everything I have said. Thanks again” 

    Frank T. Rogers Sheriff Okanogan County

    “Hello Russell Watergardens & Koi,

    We used Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner in our pond. It works amazingly well! We have tried other pond cleaner products….but nothing works like Hydro Vescense! We are quite impressed and are going to order it again!

    Thank you!”

    Kevin and Donna O’Connor

    “Hello everyone at Russell Watergardens & Koi,

    We are very pleased with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner! I recently left town for 9 days during our heat wave. When I left, my pond and falls were filled with build-up, and the stones in the falls were coated with the kind you really have to work to scrape off. We turned our waterfall off and I sprinkled Hydro Vescense™ on the affected areas as the instructions indicate. We turned the pump back on 15 minutes later and I left town shortly afterwards with instructions to my house sitter to feed the fish and empty the skimmer net each day.”

    I truly thought we would come back after 9 days of 85 degree plus weather to a build-up clogged and coated mess. Instead I came home to a crystal clean pond, and healthy fish! In the past I have hand cleaned the stubborn stuff from my rocks and falls and it’s very labor intensive, so I really appreciated the ease with which this occurred. I have bought 3 more jars of Hydro Vescense™ and plan to use this product indefinitely!


    Robyn Garner

    “Russell Watergardens & Koi,

    The Hydro Vescense™ Effervescent Pond Cleaner is an incredible product. This is a must have product for anybody with a water feature (Koi pond, waterfall, fountain etc.). I live in Southern California and it gets really hot. Prior to discovering the Hydro Vescense™ I was very frustrated with the way my pond was looking. After the initial treatment my pond now looks incredible. Thank you.

    Yes you may quote me!


    “Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner has worked great. I used it in a waterfall feature. There was a good amount of build up so it took a day or so to clear it up but it did the job. The feature is now clear and looks really good.



    “We have had our pond for the past 4 years. We have some water lilies, other plants and koi. We have had terrible build-up problems, so bad that we had to empty the pond recently and power wash the rocks and stone. We had been using Aquascape’s S.A.B. product at the direction of our pond installer. The build-up problem continued after the power washing. I started looking for an alternative anti-build-up method on my own as the S.A.B. was clearly not working (pardon the pun). I found your “Hydro Vescense™” online, promising all the same things the Aquascape promised. We gave it a shot and lo and behold, your product works great! When used according to the directions, it keeps the build-up completely under control. Please understand, it’s an ecosystem we don’t want our pond to be as clean as our swimming pool. The pond would look odd if it was absolutely spotless. Now we use Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner on a weekly basis during the hot summer months to maintain our fantastic looking pond. Thanks for being there with a real solution. And yes, you can quote me on that!

    Scott Alexander

    “Hi Russell Watergardens & Koi,

    I am very pleased with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner. We have a Koi pond with a waterfall. Build-up has been a huge problem. Hydro Vescense™ works better than other products we’ve tried! I will definitely keep purchasing it and using it. 

    Merrie Christopherson

    “Russell Watergardens & Koi,

    I wanted to wait a month before commenting and that time has passed. Prior to using the product I had no luck in controlling build-up in my pond. I tried several other “got to use” products with unsatisfactory results. Needless to say I tried Hydro Vescense out of desperation and expecting results similar to my past experiences.

    My Hydro Vescense™ was waiting on my doorstep when I came home from work. I read the instructions and followed them to the letter. At this point my pond (3,000 gal) was producing enough build-up to fill a 5 gal. bucket every 5 days and I needed to clean my filter 2 to 3 times a day! I apologized to my fish as I treated the pond with the maximum recommended dose. To my delight all the build-up was gone by the next morning! I waited 48 hours and applied the minimum dose as a follow up.

    I am pleased to report that 1 month has passed and I’ve yet to find build-up in my pond! I am absolutely 100% satisfied with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner! Everything I’ve tried so far has worked for a week or two EXCEPT Hydro Vescense™. I am sold on the product and I will always have it on hand ready to use at the first sign of build up.

    You can quote me on this!
    Thank you for your interest in satisfied customers!”

    Brad Sayre

    “I’m happy (actually, THRILLED!!!) to report that the Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner has worked miracles. I’ve had a horrible build-up problem for some time now with little success in dealing with it (my water has always been clear, it’s just the build-up that’s been the problem). After just one application of Hydro Vescense™ much of the build-up disappeared. One week later, I used a second application, again with remarkable results. I have 3 ponds that are connected with waterfalls/streams, and I could never get the build-up out of the streams. The streams are now clean!! There are still a few remnants of build-up in various places, but I suspect after another application or two they will disappear as well. The build-up around my water lilies is pretty much gone now, and the build-up on a rock behind a waterfall that connects two of my ponds is now gone after I tossed a bit of Hydro Vescense™ on the rocks. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that this product works. I have goldfish in one of the ponds, as well as plants in two of the ponds, and the fish and plants seem to be just as happy now as they were before. In fact, the plants are happier since they don’t have build-up around them. THANK YOU!!!! ” 

    Ted Gooley

    “I use your Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner in our water garden. It works very well and I wouldn’t use anything else! Thanks for shipping it so quickly. We have been to your store in Redmond and find it exciting and beautiful …..thanks!” 

    Christine Phillips

    “We used Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner in our waterfall pond and had great results. We had done a complete clean out in February because we had a serious case of build-up. We tried two or three different products with little results. Then I heard your radio ad for Hydro Vescense™ and ordered over the internet. We received the product in two-three days and began using it immediately. What great results !! Within a week our waterfall and pond were completely clean. It is very easy to use and our fish were not affected at all. We highly recommend Hydro Vescense™.” 

    Jerry and Diane White

    “Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner is a very effective, fast acting, safe and trouble-free product! We just had our pond built this past spring and quickly learned that it takes some care and attention to keep it looking clean and new. The Hydro Vescense™ was just the answer to the common build-up problem! It’s helped keep our pond looking nice all year and will be a part of my regular maintenance program.” 

    Lee Amsler

    “Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner seems to work great compared to everything we’ve used. We installed our koi pond last summer in our backyard and everything was fine until winter when the build-up became a problem. I couldn’t believe how fast it came back in less than a week after every cleaning. Even using several different liquid remedies did nothing to solve the problem. As soon as I received the Hydro Vescense™, I used the recommended amount. I was worried at first because the water turned milky white, but after a day and a half everything looked great! Thanks again!” 

    Larry Andres

    “I have a 3000 gallon fish pond with waterfall. It has already shown signs of improvement. The build-up is completely gone from the waterfall and the build-up in the pond is going away. I will purchase more of the Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner in the future when needed. I have five dogs and much wildlife who drink from the pond and I had to make sure I bought a safe product. I highly recommend this product!! Thank you!!” 

    Diana Alford

    “The Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner works perfect for us! Our waterfalls are sparkling clean! We will continue to order Hydro Vescense™ as needed.” 

    Jim Harris

    “Concerning Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner, I have been very pleased with the results so far. I have a large (approx 6000 Gal, 30 fish) Koi pond with a natural stone waterfall. I have always had a problem with build-up on the stone in the waterfall. I have been applying the Hydro Vescense™ directly to the stone and it has all cleared up. I have been very conservative in the application due to the products rapid reaction to the build-up. You can see the results immediately and I don’t want to put too much in the water at one time since it appears so potent, but I have not noticed any harmful effects to the fish. I’m sold on Hydro Vescense™ I will continue using it. If this information helps, feel free to pass it along. Thanks for providing such a complete product line”

    Dave Severson

    “Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner is great! So far it is the answer to my build-up problem. I have had my koi pond for 5 years, and this is the first year I have not had to drain it and take a power washer to it to get it clean! It took a few applications to get the build-up knocked down, but now it’s starting to look very promising. I’m now using small applications weekly through the year to keep my pond build-up free. Thank you for your customer service. I will definitely recommend this to my friends who have ponds.” 

    Gene Oster

    “Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner worked great, it took care of the problem. I wish I was told about this product before I spent time and money on other products!”


    Tuoya Wong

    “We consulted another nursery who specializes in pond/waterfalls regarding the build-up we had and were told that a very expensive and large water filter was necessary to clean up the pond (in addition to the filter we already have!), and that no other products could do it. We then went to Russell Watergardens & Koi in Redmond, WA and purchased Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner – followed their recommendations, and had substantial improvement in just three days and complete clearing and satisfaction within one week! We have a koi pond with two waterfalls and have had a dramatic improvement in the ability to control build-up using Hydro Vescense™!” 

    John & Kelly Szymanski

    “Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner works great! We used it on our waterfall and it worked instantly!! It is the best product for controlling build-up I’ve seen in a long time! I will definitely keep buying it! And yes……you can quote me!” 

    Alan Hewitt

    “I am thrilled to finally find something that clears out the build-up!….I have tried a number of things but they only partially clear out unsightly build-up…….with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner from Russell Watergardens & Koi – the build-up is disappearing quickly! I was concerned about my dog that drinks from the pond frequently ……after using Hydro Vescense™….not only is my build-up going away – but my dog is still alive, happy and healthy as usual!” 

    Gerry Ford

    “I just had a cup of coffee sitting by my pond, and I noticed that the build-up that usually resides on the front of the large rock that forms the waterfall is gone! The stuff works! Thanks! I purchased one of your HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers, and the pond that used to take several hours a week in maintenance, cleaning the pump, and flushing my Hydro Vortex™ biofilter, now takes only minutes a week! I no longer worry about leaving the pond for an extended period of time because of the HydroClean™ Skimmer Filter coupled with Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner keep the pond great looking and performing perfectly! Thank you! I built the 7’x16′ pond my self and have a variety of koi and goldfish – my Master Gardener wife has planted it with a beautiful array of water plants. We now spend many hours having cocktails by the pond instead of working on it! Thank you again Russell Watergardens & Koi!” 

    Richard Kauerz

    “I have seen a marked difference in my pond since I have been using Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner. It is much easier to maintain this year. I simply turn off my pump that runs my stream and sprinkle it in dry form on the build-up and around the pond. After letting it sit for a few minutes and the build-up turns white, I then hose it off and empty my skimmer net a lot. This is much easier than kneeling down and physically taking all the build-up out by hand which is what I used to do. I do this about every 10 days or so and its a much cleaner pond!” 

    M. G. Christen

    “I have a 1,200 gallon Koi and aquatic plant pond. Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner is the only product I have found that keeps the build-up down. Hydro Vescense™ is the best!”


    Joseph Cunningham

    “We have a water feature that has goldfish in it. I use Hydro Vescense™ Pond Cleaner and I like the product. It seems that as the days get sunnier, I have to clean the build-up more, but it works and the gold fish aren’t harmed! So it is a thumbs up!!! Everything seems to be going well.” 

    Christine & Dan Phillips

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