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Waterfall Foam HydroFoam™ Professional Black Waterfall Foam



Black Waterfall Foam

Easy to Use – Professional Results.

  • Use to bond waterfall rocks together
  • Use to divert stream water around rocks
  • Use to bond koi pond cap stones
  • Use to stabilize rock walls
  • Use to stabilize accent boulders
  • For use in all types of ponds, and pondless waterfalls
  • Charcoal Black Color

    HydroFoam™ professional black waterfall foam is easy to use, and fast drying. It is critical in the construction and bonding of stone waterfalls and streams.

    Waterfall Foam Gun

    Product Description

    HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam

    HydroFoam™ Professional Waterfall Foam

    Charcoal Black Waterfall Foam

    Tested Best Multi-purpose Waterfall Foam

  • Black waterfall foam sealant for all types of pond and water feature construction needs
  • Multi-purpose foam
  • Durable, flexible
  • Charcoal black appearance when cured
  • Helps fish hide from predators
  • Use to fill voids behind waterfall boulders
  • Use to fill voids behind stream boulders
  • Use to stabilize rock walls, submerged, and non-submerged
  • Use to “glue” concrete retaining wall caps to concrete wall blocks
  • Bonds boulders to boulders
  • Bonds boulders to all types of liners – rubber, concrete, polyurea
  • 60% expansion – fill voids with 40% foam, the foam will expand to fill the remaining 60% void
  • Dries tack-free in 20 minutes – cures in 24 hours
  • Density: 1.4-1.6 lbs/cu. ft
  • Compression: 10-14 PSI
  • 16 oz. can with self applying straw
  • 32 oz. can for use with HydroFoam™ Gun
  • Does not affect pH when cured
  • Contains Tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate
  • Does not interfere with the nitrification cycle when cured
  • Safe and non-toxic to koi and ornamental pond fish when cured
  • Made in Germany

  • HydroFoam™ Professional Waterfall Foam
    Charcoal Black Color Waterfall Foam

    HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam Charcoal black waterfall foam sealing this waterfall

    Charcoal black color HydroFoam™ Professional Waterfall Foam fills the voids between these waterfall boulders and the pond liner. This is an Ahi Hydro™ Vortex waterfall pond filter.

    Natural rocks and boulders have uneven sides. When building waterfalls, you want the water to go over the boulder, not behind it. HydroFoam™ fills the voids behind the boulder. Filling the voids behind the boulder with HydroFoam™ forces the water to go over the boulder to create a waterfall.

    HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam Finished waterfall with HydroFoam™

    Finished waterfall with HydroFoam™. HydroFoam™ ensures that all the water your pump is pumping is going over the waterfall boulder. Lesser quality orange, yellow, and jet black waterfall foam is difficult to conceal. HydroFoam™ Professional Waterfall Foam cures into a more natural looking charcoal black color.

    HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam Easy to use applicator straw

    HydroFoam™ DIY 16 ounce can comes with an easy to use applicator straw. Simply push the straw onto the can’s connector. Shake well. Turn can upside down and push the nozzle to release the waterfall foam. The straw helps direct the foam into voids under and behind boulders.

    HydroFoam™ Waterfall Foam Attached to professional applicator gun

    HydroFoam™ professional 32 ounce can threads onto the applicator gun. The gun allows for intermittent use. The length of the professional HydroFoam™ applicator gun reaches into voids under and behind boulders. An application straw can be attached to the end of the gun’s nozzle to reach deep voids. To release the waterfall foam, simply pull the trigger of the gun. Release the trigger to stop the flow of waterfall foam.

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    Additional Information

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 11 x 3 x 3 in
    Product and Size

    16 oz. DIY can $15.99, 32 oz. Professional Can for Applicator Gun $34.99, Pro Pack Applicator Gun and 32 oz. Can $99.99, Applicator Gun $89.99, 16 oz. Foam Remover Gun Cleaner $25.99


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