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HydroDrain™ Fish Safe Bottom Drains



HydroDrain™ Fish Safe Bottom Drain

The purpose of a bottom drain is to remove fish waste and other sunken debris from the bottom of your pond to help keep it clean and healthy for your koi and pond fish.

Available for connection to 2″, 3″, or 4″ pipe.

Recommend for use with the HydroSieve™-PF bottom drain pre-filter

Product Description

Bottom Drain Features:

  • Bottom drain for Koi Ponds, Hybrid Ponds™ and CrossOver Ponds™
  • Safe for fish – will not suck fish into the plumbing
  • Safe for baby Koi and goldfish
  • Efficient fish waste removal without jeopardizing small fish
  • Two outlet ports – use one, or both outlet ports for increased flow rate
  • 2″ outlet ports
  • Available for connection to 2″, 3″ or 4″ gravity fed bottom drain plumbing
  • Recommend for use with the HydroSieve™-PF bottom drain pre-filter

  • Advantages of HydroDrain™ Bottom Drains

    Fish Safe Bottom Drains Won't harm your fish!

    Fish Safe Bottom Drain. The HydroDrain™ bottom drain captures fish waste and settled debris from your koi pond, and not your fish. Safely remove fish waste and sediment without harming fish.

    HydroDrain™ Bottom drain fish safe inlet

    The HydroDrain™ screened inlet lets in fish waste and sediment but keeps fish out. Having a HydroDrain™ on your pond will increase water circulation and total water oxygenation by pulling oxygenated surface water down to the bottom of the pond.

    Bottom Drain Gaskets For HydroDrain™ Bottom Drains

    All HydroDrain™ models attach to pond liner with easy to use leak-free gaskets. Install the rubber gasket on the water side of the pond liner and lock into place with a collar and stainless steel screws. Install the basin gasket between the dry side of the pond liner and the HydroDrain™ body. When using 2″ pipe, a plug is included for the unused outlet port.

    HydroDrain™ Bottom Drains Safe for even small fish

    Install your HydroDrain™ at the lowest point of your pond – wherever that may be. Multiple HydroDrain™ bottom drains can be used on large or odd-shaped ponds. A HydroDrain™ bottom drain on your pond reduces your maintenance by removing waste and sediment from the pond for capture in a HydroSieve-PF pond sieve filter. Each HydroDrain™ model is safe even for small fish.

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    Plumbing Size

    Bottom Drain for 2″ pipe, Bottom Drain for 3″ pipe, Bottom Drain for 4″ pipe


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