Air Tubing Clear or Black for 4 mm and 1/8" barbed fittingsAir Tubing Clear 4 mm, 1/8"Air Tubing Black 4 mm, 1/8"

Air Tubing 3/8″, 4 mm



Air Tubing
Air tubing for Budget Series and Multi Channel Series Pond Air Pumps

Clear or black 4 mm air tubing.

  • For use with Budget and Multi Channel Air Pumps
  • Choice of clear or black color
  • Choice of lengths – 25', 50', 100', or 650' Spool
  • For use with air stones
  • Infuses oxygen into water
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases fish health
  • Increases biofiltration efficiency
  • Keeps holes open in ice
  • Increases hydroponic growth rate
  • 1 year warranty
  • Pond Air Pumps

    Air Stones


    Product Description

    Air Tubing /h1r>

    Air tubing for ponds, fish tanks, and hydroponic systems

    Air Tubing

  • Clear or black air tubing
  • For pond air pumps with 4 mm, 1/8″ outlets
  • For air stones with 4 mm, 1/8″ inlet barbs
  • Ideal for ponds
  • Ideal for fish holding tanks
  • Ideal for hydroponics
  • Air stone NOT included

  • Air Tubing

    For all types of Ponds, Fish Holding Tanks,
    and Hydroponic Systems

    Tubing connects the pond air pump to the air stone. Vinyltubing is soft and flexible. Your choice of clear or black. Clear tubing is recommended when using indoors. Black tubing is recommended when using outdoors.

    Easy to use and install. The tubing simply compression fits onto the male barbed outlets of the Budget Series and Multi Channel Series pond air pumps. It also compression fits onto the male barbed inlets of the air stones.

    Kink-resistant, vinyl air tubing is standard 4 mm / 1/8″ size for use with Budget Series and Multi Channel Pond Air Pumps. Easily cuts to desired length for any application with ordinary household scissors or knife. Aeration add oxygen to pond water as well as water circulation.

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    Additional Information

    Length and Color

    25′ Clear $3.75, 50′ Clear $7.50, 100′ Clear $15.00, 650′ Spool Clear $97.50, 25′ Black $3.75, 50′ Black $7.50, 100′ Black $15.00, 650′ Spool Black $97.50


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