Air Stone Diffusers For Budget and Multi Channel Air Pumps2" Ball Diffuser Round Air Stone5.9" Squared End Cylinder Diffuser Air Stone Diffuser

Air Stones Air Pump Diffusers



Air Stone Diffusers
Air Stone Diffusers for Budget and Multi Channel Air Pumps

Air stone diffusers for infusing thousands of tiny air bubbles into ponds, fish holding tanks, and hydroponic systems

  • For use with Budget and Multi Channel Air Pumps
  • Multiple style options
  • For use with 4 mm air tubing
  • Infuses oxygen into water
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases fish health
  • Increases biofiltration efficiency
  • Keeps holes open in ice
  • Increases hydroponic growth rate
  • 1 year warranty
  • Pond Air Pumps


    Product Description

    Air Stones

    Air stone diffusers for ponds, fish tanks, and hydroponic systems

    Test Best Air Stones

  • Breaks air stream into thousands of tiny air bubbles
  • Allows oxygen to easily dissolve in water
  • Increases dissolved oxygen in all types of ponds and hydroponic systems
  • Keeps holes open in ice during winter freezing temperatures
  • Ideal for ponds
  • Ideal for fish holding tanks
  • Ideal for hydroponics
  • For use with 4 mm air tubing
  • Air tubing NOT included
  • 1 year warranty

  • Air Stones

    Air diffusers for all types of Ponds, Fish Holding Tanks, and Hydroponic Systems

    An air stone is a man-made porous stone. The purpose of an air stone is to diffuse air into water. Air passes from the air pump through tubing into the air stone. The porous air stone breaks the air stream into thousands of tiny air bubble. The smaller the air bubble, the more it can dissolve into the water.

    Ponds and hydroponic systems require high levels of dissolved oxygen. Air pumps provide the oxygen, but it’s the air stones that help the oxygen dissolve into the water. Without an air stone, the air pump and tubing would produce large air bubble in the water. Large air bubbles have much less of their total volume making contact with the water. The tiny air bubble produced by an air stone has more volume of air in contact with the water. This is why air stones help oxygen dissolve into the water more efficiently.

    The tiny air bubbles produced by air stones create large circulation currents than large bubbles. Large bubbles push water out of their way as they rise to the surface. Thousands of tiny air bubbles from the air stones push water upward as they travel to the surface. Push water upward also pulls water to fill the void. The tiny air bubbles from air stones increase water circulation.

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    Additional Information

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 6 x 2 x 6 in

    2″ Round Ball Differ $3.49, 4″ Round Disc $9.99, 6″ Round Disc $12.99, 5.9″ Squared Cylinder $16.99


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