SH-2700 Pond Pump

SH-2700 Pond Pump: Reliable Perfomance 2,700 gph @ 5′



SH-2700 Pond Pump
Reliable and dependable 2,700 gph pond pump.

Reliable and durable 2,700 gph @ 5' pump for ponds and pondless waterfalls. Continuous duty operation. The SH-2700 pond pump is constructed of stainless steel and corrosion resistant fiber reinforced resin. Quiet operation and large water flow makes the SH-2700 a great choice for pondless waterfalls and all types of ponds.

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Product Description

SH-2700 Pond Pump Diagram

SH-2700 Pond Pump

SH-2700 Pond Pump Features:

  • 2,700 gph @ 5′ head
  • 3,300 max gph
  • Dimensions: 8″ wide x 15″ tall
  • 2″ female threaded outlet
  • 1/5 horsepower
  • 19′ max head
  • 115 volt, 3 amps
  • 345 input watts
  • Continuous duty operation
  • High efficiency motor
  • Non corrosive construction
  • 304 stainless steel and polyamide fiber reinforced resin for corrosion resistance
  • Air filled motor for lower average operating temperature
  • Seamless stainless steel stator casing
  • Seal extender for cooling the seal face more effectively
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Anti-wicking cable entry
  • Air release valve preventing air lock
  • Anti-vibration bearing technology
  • SH-2700 Pond Pump Curve 2,700 gph @ 5' and 19' max head
  • Stainless steel motor housing
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Vortex impeller
  • Reinforced resin volute
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Double mechanical seals silicon carbide lower and carbon ceramic upper
  • 20′ heavy duty cord
  • $19.87 monthly operating cost @ $0.08 per kilowatt hour
  • 2 year warranty
  • Use with CVA-200 Custom CamLock Check Valve Assembly for HydroClean Pond Skimmers and HydroChamber Pump Vault

  • SH-2700 Pond Pump Flow Rate GPH @ Head

    SH-2700 0′ 5′ 10′ 15′ 20′
    GPH 3,300 2,700 1,800 900 0

    SH-2700 Pond Pump

    The SH-2700 Pond Pump is a reliable, and dependable submersible pump. Submersible pond pumps must be rated for continuous duty operation to be suitable for ponds and waterfalls. The SH-2700 Pond Pump is rated for continuous duty operation.

    The SH Series Pond Pumps are the most reliable submersible pumps for ponds and waterfalls. Each SH pond pump is designed and built to be truly continuous operators. This provides you with the confidence to operate your pond and waterfall 24/7/365. The SH Series pond pumps are constructed of Stainless Steel and corrosion resistant poly Amide Fiber Reinforced Resin.

    SH-2700 Pond Pump Makes a beautiful waterfall.

    SH-2700 Pond Pump
    Makes Beautiful Waterfalls

    The SH-2700 Pond Pump creates beautiful waterfalls up to 24″ wide over natural stone. At 2,700 gallons per hour, the SH-2700 Pond Pump is perfect for backyard waterfalls and streams.

    The SH-2700 Pond Pump fits inside most pond skimmers, but is ideally suited for the Seagull and Piper HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers.

    The SH-2700 Pond Pump fits inside most pondless pump vaults but is ideally suited for the HydroChamber™ as part of an Ultimate Pondless System.

    Use a SH-2700 Pond Pump as a replacement for failed Aquascape, Little Giant, Savio, Easy Pro, Tsurumi, Becket, Cal Pump, and many other brands of submersible pumps.

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    Additional Information

    With or Without Auto ON/OFF Float Switch

    SH-2700 $349.99, SH-2700 With Auto ON/Off Float Switch $429.99


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