C-2100 External PumpC-2100 External Pump Rear side viewC-2100 External Pump Fan cooled motorC-2100 External Pump Reverse backside viewC-2100 External Pump Opposite side viewC-2100 External Pump Opposite front side viewC-2100 External Pump Front view, 1.5 inlet and outlet, winterizing drain portC-2100-B External Pump with Leaf Basket 2,100 gph @ 5', 1.25 amps, 144 watts

C-2100 Pro External Pump 2,100 gph



C-2100 Pro External Pump
Available With, or Without a Leaf Basket Pre-Filter/Primer Pot

Professional koi pond pump perfect for all types of ponds and pondless water features. 2,100 gph at only 144 watts

Reliable performance and energy efficient. Rest assured with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Compatible with all RWG pond skimmers, pond sieves, and pump chamber.

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Product Description

C-2100 External Pump 2,100 gph @ 5', 1.25 amps, 144 watts

C-2100 Pro External Pump 2,100 gph

C-2100 Pro External Pump Available With or Without Leaf Basket Pre-Filter

The C-2100 Energy Efficient Centrifugal Pump is a high efficiency, industrial grade pump. Ideal for your pond or pondless water feature. C-Series pro external pumps produce excellent flow rates with maximum performance. The industrial grade polypropylene housing is built for long term use. A leaf basket pre-filter may be attached to facilitate priming in a suction lift application and to strain debris from the inflow. For best results, use this pump with a HydroSieve™ pre-filter.

C-2100 Pro External Pump Features:

  • 2,100 gph @ 5′ (35 gpm)
  • 1/8 horsepower
  • 1.25 amps
  • 115 volts 60 Hz
  • 144 watts
  • 8ft. 16AWG power cord with 115V plug
  • 1725 rpm motor is totally enclosed for excellent protection and long term reliability
  • 16′ max head
  • 1.5″ inlet female thread
  • 1.5″ outlet female thread
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Thermally protected
  • Double sealed bearings
  • Stainless Steel shaft and hardware
  • Long life, corrosion resistant, 316 Stainless Steel shaft seals
  • Winterizing drain port
  • Both pump end and motor are designed for quiet operation
  • Money saving, high efficiency motor
  • $8.29 monthly operation cost
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 14″l x 9″t x 9″w (26″x 9″t x 9″w with optional leaf basket)
  • 3 year limited warranty

  • Compatible with all RWG pond skimmers, pond sieve, and pump chamber.

    C-2100 Pro External Pump Flow Rate GPH @ Head

    C-2100 0′ 5′ 10′ 15′ 20′
    GPH 2,280 2,100 1,440 540 0

    The C-2100 Pro External Pump is a reliable, and dependable external centrifugal pump. This external koi pond pump is suitable for all types of ponds, waterfall, and fish holding tanks. The C-2100 Pro External Pump is rated for continuous duty operation.

    The C Series External Pumps are the most reliable centrifugal pumps we’ve tested for ponds and waterfalls. Each C-Series Pro External Pump is designed and built for reliable continuous operation. This provides you with the confidence to operate your pond and waterfall 24/7/365. The C-Series external pumps are constructed of corrosion resistant industrial grade polypropylene.

    C-2100 Pro External Pump
    Makes Beautiful Waterfalls

    C-2100 External Pump Making beautiful waterfalls and happy koi on this Hybrid Pond

    The C-2100 Pro External Pump creates beautiful waterfalls. At 2,100 gallons per hour, the C-2100 Pro External Pump is perfect for koi ponds, hybrid ponds, waterfalls and streams.

    The C-2100 Pro External Pump is ideal when used with HydroSieve™ bottom drain pre-filter and pond skimmer, Seagull and Piper HydroClean™ Pond Skimmers.

    The C-2100 Pro External Pump is compatible with the HydroChamber™ as part of an Ultimate Pondless System.

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    Additional Information

    Weight 15 lbs
    Dimensions 20 x 13 x 13 in
    With or Without Leaf Basket

    C-2100 $409.99, C-2100-B with Leaf Basket $493.99


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