HydroChamber™ All-in-One pump vault and water storage tank

Pump Vault: HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank



Combination Pondless Pump Vault and Water Storage Tank

The HydroChamber™ is an “all-in-one” pondless pump vault and 75 gallon direct burial water storage tank. The purpose of the HydroChamber™ is to house the waterfall pump and store water in one convenient, easy to install unit. It also eliminates the need for the large excavations, underlayment, pond liner, a slotted pump vault, two aqua blocks, and river rock that make up typical pondless waterfall basins. The HydroChamber™ saves you time, money, and effort.

The HydroChamber™ gets paired with the HydroSieve™-PF to make up the Ultimate Pondless System – a modular system that is easy to install, completely customizable, remote installation capable, and easy to clean.

Pondless Applications

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Product Description

Pump Vault Features:

  • Pump vault and water storage in one convenient unit
  • 37 ” tall x 26″ diameter
  • Stores 6.8 cubic feet of water above the pump (50.87 gallons)
  • Tank holds 75 gallons total
  • Modular design
  • Tanks connect together for unlimited water storage
  • Connects to HydroSieve™-PF pondless pre-filter
  • Auto Fill Valve ready
  • Supports over 450 pounds
  • Dual 4″ and 6″ inlet pipe
  • 4″ tank-to-tank connection pipe
  • Heavy duty rotational molded HDPE rugged construction
  • Two 2″ female threaded outlet ports
  • 1/2″ female threaded auto fill valve connection port
  • Eliminates the need for slotted pump vaults inside large pondless basins
  • Stores more water in a smaller footprint
  • Stores water and houses pump away from the pondless water feature
  • Can be used with multiple pumps
  • For use with submersible or centrifugal pumps
  • Provides unlimited pondless design options
  • Remote installation capable
  • Can be used for Bubble-Less Koi Pond remote water aeration and degassing
  • Made in USA

  • Pondless Applications

    Advantages of the HydroChamber™
    All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank

    Advantages of the HydroChamber pondless waterfall modular all in one pump vault and water storage tank

    With Remote Installation Capabilities

    The HydroChamber™ convenient pump vault and water storage tank provides unlimited backyard waterfall design options.

    The HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank is modular. You have complete creative design control of where you want your pump and water storage for your backyard waterfalls. If you choose, it can be at the base of your pondless waterfall. The most creative place to put your pump and water storage is completely away from your “just a falls”, pondless waterfalls, or pondless water feature! HydroChambers™ “daisy-chain” together for unlimited water volume storage. With the HydroChamber™, you no longer are required to have the pump and water storage at the base of your pondless waterfalls or water feature.

    Ultimate Pondless System HydroSieve pre-filter and HydroChamber

    Working in tandem with the HydroSieve™-PF pondless pre-filter, the two units combine to create the “Ultimate” pondless waterfall kit. The Ultimate pondless system is easy to clean. A clean pondless waterfall is more beautiful. Your backyard waterfalls will be a joy to own and appreciate instead of a maintenance nightmare.

    HydroChamber Non-Obtrusive Lid Resembles an irrigation valve box

    The HydroChamber’s™ non-obtrusive lid resembles a typical round irrigation valve box found in landscapes everywhere. The HydroChamber™ becomes virtually “invisible” in the landscape away from your backyard waterfalls while remaining easy to access. The HydroChamber™ pump vault water storage tank can be installed anywhere you choose.

    Strong, Durable HydroChamber Withstands hundreds of pounds of pressure

    Strong and durable rotationally moldy HDPE direct burial water tank. The HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank lets you install it anywhere in your landscape. Instead of bringing electrical power to where you want your backyard waterfalls, the HydroChamber™ can be installed where you already have electrical power!

    HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank provides you with complete pondless waterfall design freedom. The HydroChamber™ eliminates the requirement of having a large excavation with the pump and water storage in two separate devices contained within liner. It also provides you unlimited creativity for your pondless waterfall design.

    Cleaning Pondless Waterfalls

    Combination HydroSieve and HydroChamber make for easy to clean pondless waterfalls

    The HydroChamber™ pairs with the HydroSieve™-PF pondless pre-filter for ease of cleaning. Typical pondless waterfalls and water features use river rock as the pre-filter to the aqua blocks and slotted pump vault. The waterfall forces debris deep down into the river rock.

    The questions you need to ask before
    installing a conventional rock filled pondless waterfall basin:

    1. How do I clean the basin rock?

    2. What happens if I don’t clean it?

    The only way to clean pondless waterfall basin river rock is by hand
    Cottonwood Seeds Quickly Clog Gravel Pondless Waterfall Basin and restricts water flow and grows algae

    The answer to the first question is: By Hand!.

    The only way to remove leaves, tree needles, mulch, grass clippings, flower blossoms, windblown seeds such as cottonwood and dandelions, bird poop, dead insects, dead worms, bathing bird feathers, and other debris from a conventional basin rock is by hand.

    Debris Filled Pondless Waterfall Basins Feed algae like crazy!
    Algae Covered Pondless Waterfall Basin Rock Requires dismantling for cleaning

    The answer to the second question is: Algae, and lots of it!

    Debris decaying down inside the rock of a conventional pondless waterfall basin smells terrible and grows algae. Algae grows on waterfall rocks, rocks and gravel within a streambed, and the basin rock itself. To control the algae, you’ll have to apply large amounts of expensive algaecides regularly. This drastically adds to the cost of ownership of this type of pondless waterfall.

    Clogged Pondless Waterfall Basin Requires dismantling for cleaning

    Over time, not even algaecides can solve the problem. The river rock pre-filter required by all conventional pondless waterfalls No matter what they’re called – Just a Falls, Pond Free, No Pond, Zero Pond – they ALLbecome clogged over time. When the river rock is clogged, water flow to the pump becomes restricted. Eventually the pump will pump water out faster than it can return – causing the pump run dry and burn out. The cost of repeatedly replacing a pump significantly increases the cost of ownership of the typical “just a fall” pondless waterfall.

    Removing Slotted Pump Vault and Aqua Blocks from a clogged pondless waterfall basin

    The only remedy to this problem is the complete dismantling of the conventional river rock pondless basin. The is known as a “Basin-Ectomy”. A Basin-Ectomy is the complete dismantling and removal of the clogged river rock, aqua blocks, slotted pump vault, basin liner, and basin underlayment and replacing all of those items with a HydroSieve™-PF pre-filter and a HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Chamber Water Storage Tank.

    The Problem with Conventional Pondless Waterfall Basins

    Typical Pondless Waterfall Design With NO Creative Design Options
    More of the Same Pondless Waterfall Designs Basin at the end
    Typical Pondless Waterfall Design No creative design options available
    Ordinary Pondless Waterfall Pondless waterfall with no design options

    All conventional pondless waterfall basins require the pump vault and water storage basin to be at the foot of the pondless waterfall, stream, fountain, or rock column. They offer no creative pondless waterfall design options. You have no choice with your pondless waterfall design. The pump vault and water storage basin must always be connected to the base of your pondless water feature.

    Conventional Pondless Water Storage Basins Require Large Excavations

    Typical Pondless Basin consist of a large excavation  that is then filled with underlayment, liner, pump vault, matrix blocks, and rock

    Why would anyone want to dig a huge hole in the ground only to fill it back up with underlayment, liner, multiple pump vaults, water storage aqua blocks, and tons of rock ? The cost of the rock, gravel, pump vaults, aqua blocks …. AND the labor to dig the huge hole and to place all these things in it is much higher than HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Chamber Water Storage Tanks.

    The HydroChamber™ is designed to house up to two pumps AND two aqua blocks worth of water storage in one single unit. It is also a direct burial tank so underlayment, liner, and rock is NOT required. Unlike the slotted pump vaults shown in this photo at the base of the water feature, the HydroChamber™ can be installed in a remote location away from the water feature.

    Ultimate Pondless Water Storage is Compact and Modular

    Pump vault and pre-filter configuration Modular and customizable to any design

    Smaller, Faster, Pondless Basin Excavation Easier. less labor, and lower cost

    With the combined pump vault and water storage tank configuration of the HydroChamber™ and HydroSieve™ pre-filter, the pondless waterfall water storage excavation can be significantly smaller than conventional pondless waterfall water storage basins. A smaller pondless water storage excavation requires less labor, saving you installation time and money.

    HydroChamber All-in-One pump chamber water storage tank is a better value than typical pondless waterfall basins

    The HydroChamber™ is a Better Value. The slotted pump vaults shown in the photos above cost around $240.00 each. Two of them equal $480.00. The water storage aqua blocks in the photo cost around $45.00 each. Two of them equal $90.00. When you add the cost of two pump vaults and two aqua blocks – it comes to $570.00. But don’t forget, you have to add $75.00 for a 10’x10′ liner and $25.00 for a 10’x10′ underlayment – an additional $100.00. Now add $150.00 for a 1/2 ton of river rock with delivery. The grand total for a conventional pondless water storage basin is a whopping $820.00!

    A single HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank replaces two slotted pump chambers, two water storage aqua blocks, 10’x10′ underlayment, 10’x10′ liner, and the river rock for just $389.00! Saving you $431.00. That’s real money.

    Another cost savings is the time and money you will save by digging a much smaller hole in the ground. The HydroChamber™ requires only a fraction of the excavation space that is required by the conventional slotted pump vault and rock pondless waterfall basin. That alone could add several hundred more dollars in labor costs to the typical pondless basin – bringing the total cost over $1000.00! This makes your savings with just one HydroChamber™ over $600.00!

    The HydroChamber all in one pondless pump vault and water storage tank eliminates large pondless waterfall basins with underlay, liner, pump vault, matrix blocks, and gravel

    The HydroChamber™
    All-in-One Pump Vault Water Storage Tank
    Completely Eliminates:

  • Large “just a falls” pondless waterfall basin excavations
  • Hard to clean backyard waterfalls pondless gravel basins
  • Hours and hours of installation labor
  • Pondless basin underlayment
  • Pondless basin liner
  • Slotted pump vaults
  • Water storage aqua blocks
  • Pondless basin river rock
  • Pondless basin pebbles

  • HydroChamber All-in-One pondless pump vault and water storage tank is pre-configured for multiple pumps and an automatic water fill valve

    Slotted pump vaults are configured for just one pump, and they are NOT configured for an automatic water fill valve. To add an automatic water fill valve, you would have to modify the slotted pump vault – at additional expense for tools and labor. If your pondless waterfall design calls for two pumps, you must use two slotted pump vaults. The HydroChamber™ is pre-configured for two pumps AND an automatic water fill valve with no modifications required.

    In doing your research on which pondless waterfall kits to purchase or install you need to know the real cost of the waterfall kits you’re about to purchase. There are so many choices out there, it can become confusing which is right for you. Here are a few tips in helping you decide:

      What type of basin will hold the water?
      How much room will the basin require?
      How much rock is required for the basin?
      What type of pre-filter is included?
      Can I have the basin installed away from the water feature?
      How do I clean it?
      How do I add an automatic water fill valve?
      If my waterfall design calls for two pumps – what do I do?

    Purchase HydroChamber™

    Pondless Applications

    HydroChamber™ All-in-One Pondless Pump Vault Water Storage Tank
    Easy to Install. Easy to Clean.
    Better Value

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    Additional Information

    Weight 150 lbs
    Dimensions 40 x 28 x 28 in
    With or Without Auto Water Fill Valve Kits

    HydroChamber Without Auto Fill Kit, HydroChamber With 25′ Auto Fill Kit, HydroChamber With 50′ Auto Fill Kit, HydroChamber With 75′ Auto Fill Kit, HydroChamber With 100′ Auto Fill Kit


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