RWK Air Pump Series Our best air pump series 1.06 - 7.06 cfmRWK-3 Air Pump Our best air pump 1.06 cfm, 25 watts, aerator for 3,000 gallonsRWK-4 Air Pump Our best air pump 1.41 cfm, 30 watts, aerator for 4,000 gallonsRWK-4 Air Pump Our best air pump 1.41 cfm, 30 watts, aerator for 4,000 gallonsRWK-3 Air Pump Our best air pump 1.06 cfm, 25 watts, aerator for 3,000 gallonsRWK-4 Air Pump Our best air pump 1.41 cfm, 30 watts, aerator for 4,000 gallonsRWK-6 Air PumpRWK-8 Air Pump Our best air pump 2.83 cfm, 85 watts for 8,000 gallonsRWK-10 Air PumpRWK-8 Air Pump Our best air pump 2.83 cfm, 85 watts for 8,000 gallonsRWK-12 Air PumpRWK-15 Air Pump Our best air pump 5.30 cfm, 160 watts for 15,000 gallonsRWK-20 Air Pump

Air Pump – Pond Aerator Pumps – Best Pond Air Pumps



RWK Series Pond Air Pumps Our Best Pond Air Pumps

RWK Series Linear Pond Air Pumps
Aeration for 3,000 – 25,000 Gallons of Water.

Our best outdoor linear pond air pumps for ponds, fish holding tanks, and hydroponic systems. The highest quality engineering for those who demand the very best.

  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient motors
  • Infuses oxygen into water
  • Increases circulation
  • Promotes fish health
  • Increases bio filtration efficiency
  • Increased hydroponic output
  • Keeps holes open in ice
  • For continuous or intermittent duty
  • UL, TUV and CE approved for outdoor use
  • 2 year warranty
  • RWK-3 air pump 1.06 cfm / 1832 in³ 25 watts for 3,000 gallons

    RWK-4 air pump 1.41 cfm / 2,436 in³ 30 watts for 4,000 gallons

    RWK-6 air pump 2.12 cfm / 3,663 in³ 55 watts for 6,000 gallons

    RWK-8 air pump 2.83 cfm / 4,890 in³ 85 watts for 8,000 gallons

    RWK-10 air pump 3.53 cfm / 6,100 in³ 105 watts for 10,000 gallons

    RWK-12 air pump 4.24 cfm / 7,327 in³ 125 watts for 12,000 gallons

    RWK-15 air pump 5.30 cfm / 9,158 in³ 160 watts for 15,000 gallons

    RWK-20 air pump 7.06 cfm / 12,200 in³ 230 watts for 20,000 gallons

    Pond Air Pumps and Aeration

    Product Description

    Air Pumps: RWK Series Pond Aerators

    Aeration Pumps for 3,000 – 25,000 gallon ponds, fish holding tanks, and hydroponic systems

    Our Best Air Pumps – Pond Aerators – Linear Air Pumps

  • Increases dissolved oxygen in all types of ponds and fish holding tanks
  • Keeps holes open in ice during winter freezing temperatures
  • Increased aeration for 3,000 to 25,000 gallon ponds
  • 120V/60Hz
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Energy efficient air pumps
  • Highly efficient linear diaphragm compressors
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Outdoor rated – weather resistant
  • Not submersible
  • Air tubing or diffusers NOT included
  • 2 year warranty
  • RWK Series Air Pumps – Pond Aerators

    Aeration for 3,000 – 25,000 Gallon Ponds, Fish Holding Tanks, and Hydroponic Systems

    Easy to Install air pumps that come with the necessary fittings and clips. Oil-less, highly efficient and exceptionally quiet. RWK Air Pump line of linear diaphragm blowers are ideal for pond aeration, fish holding tanks, hydroponic systems, and aerated septic treatment systems.

    Green Drive Technology. Energy efficient motors coupled with electrical low power use. The linear diaphragm mechanism is low noise and low vibration – features that are a real bonus. The diaphragms provide up to 20,000 hours use – depending on ambient conditions. The diaphragms can be easily replaced.

    Virtually Maintenance Free. Maintenance is a simple filter change / cleaning which is completely tool free. A large inlet filter prevents dust from entering and damaging the mechanism. Housed in portable, compact and robust weather resistant casing, the RWK Series Air Pumps offer simple plug and run operation.

    UL, TUV and CE Approved for outdoor use. These air pumps replace Hi-Blow, Alita, Laguna, Pondmaster, Aquascape, Easy Pro, Pond Logic, Medo, and many other air pumps. RWK Series Air Pumps come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Please note: the diaphragm is a serviceable item and is not covered by the 2 year warranty.

    A RWK Series Air Pump will add oxygen to pond water, help reduce algae, discourage water breeding insects such as mosquitoes, and eliminate odor problems associated with stagnant water. RWK Air Pumps also help ensure a healthy home for desired aquaculture by preventing stratification.

    Microorganisms, plants, fish and other animals in your pond need oxygen to live. A waterfall may not be providing enough oxygen to keep your ecosystem healthy and in balance. A pond aerator increases dissolved oxygen levels throughout the pond.

    These air pumps provide increased water aeration to your pond.

    Oxygenated water is critical for keeping fish and aquatic life alive and healthy. Aerating the water also benefits the bacteria living inside biological filters.

    Pond Air Pump During Winter

    In freezing temperatures – the rising air bubbles from an RWK air pump will keep a hole open in the ice. The churning bubbles prevent the pond from completely freezing over. Keeping a hole open in the pond is critical for the health of your fish.

    An open hole in the ice allows for potentially harmful gasses to escape the water. Keep your RWK air pump running in your pond at all times. An RWK air pump uses less electricity than a pond heater at preventing total ice over.

    During extended periods of below freezing temperatures, an outdoor air pump can hyper-chill the water. This can become harmful to some pond fish. The best way to prevent hyper-chilling the water is to move the RWK air pump indoors or inside a shelter with just the airline and diffuser outdoors. This will allow warmer air to be pumped into the pond and eliminate the risk of hyper-chilling the water.

    Pond Aerator Pump
    An RWK air pump provides pond air to ponds. Energy efficient and high air volume. Each air pump is rated for outdoor use for pond aeration. Pond air pumps.
    Manufactured by: RWK
    5 out of 5 based on 45 reviews
    $119.99 New
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    RWK-3 1.06 cfm $119.99, RWK-4 1.41 cfm $129.99, RWK-6 2.12 cfm $149.99, RWK-8 2.83 cfm $189.99, RWK-10 3.53 cfm $219.99, RWK-12 4.24 cfm $259.99, RWK-15 5.30 cfm $589.99, RWK-20 7.06 cfm $629.99


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