Professional Pond Air Kits Pond air kits for whatever your aeration needs may be.

Pond Air Kits – Pond Aeration Kits



Professional Pond Air Kits Submerged aeration adds oxygen to water

Pond Air Kits
Aeration for 1,000 – 8,000 Gallon Ponds.

The purpose of our pond air kits is to increase oxygen levels and circulation in all types of ponds and fish holding tanks.

  • Infuses oxygen into water
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases fish health
  • Increases biofiltration efficiency
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Keeps holes open in ice
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco friendly
  • Micro pond air kit for up to 1,000 gallon ponds

    Mini pond air kit for up to 2,000 gallon ponds

    .Small pond air kit for up to 3,000 gallon ponds

    Medium pond air kit for up to 4,000 gallon ponds

    Large pond air kit for up to 8,000 gallon ponds

    All Pond Air Kits

    Product Description

    Pond Air Kits – Pond Aeration Kits
    Aeration for 1,000 – 5,000 gallon ponds and fish tanks

    Pond Air Kits – Pond Aeration Kits

  • Increases dissolved oxygen in all types of ponds and fish holding tanks
  • Keeps holes open in ice during winter freezing temperatures
  • Increased aeration for 100 to 16,000 gallon ponds
  • Energy efficient air pumps
  • Air tubing on .15 cfm and .30 cfm pond air kits
  • Weighted air tubing on .80 cfm, .85 cfm, and 1.7 cfm pond air kits
  • Check valves included with every kit
  • Highly efficient diaphragm compressors
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • .15 cfm and .30 cfm pond air pump compressors must be protected from the elements
  • .80 cfm, .85 cfm, and 1.7 cfm pond air pump compressors outdoor rated
  • All pond air pump compressors are not submersible
  • 1 year warranty on .15 and .30 compressors
  • 3 year warranty on .80 cfm, .85 cfm, and 1.7 cfm compressors

  • Pond Air Kits – Pond Aeration Kits
    Aeration for 1,000 – 5,000 Gallon Ponds and Fish Holding Tanks

    Pond Air Kits Hybrid Pond Submerged Aeration

    Pond Air Kits are essential elements to Koi Ponds, Hybrid Ponds™, and CrossOver Ponds™. Each kit includes an air pump, air diffuser or diffusers, air tubing, tubing connectors, and clamps.

    Aeration of ponds is important to the health of all aquatic life. The higher the level of dissolved oxygen in the water the healthier your fish and ecosystem will be.

    Dissolved oxygen is a critical component of the pond ecosystem. Oxygen is what keeps aquatic life healthy. Oxygen breathing microbes work hard to keep the water clean.

    Benefits of our Professional Pond Air Kits – Pond Aerators

    Pond Air Kits Reduce algae, mosquitoes, and keeps water fresh

    Reduced Algae. Aeration adds oxygen to pond water. Increased oxygen encourages heterotrophic bacteria to proliferate. Heterotrophic bacteria consume organics from the water. Reduced organics in the water reduces algae.

    Reduced Mosquitoes. Rising air bubbles agitate the pond water’s surface tension. Agitated water discourages water breeding insects such as mosquitoes.

    Fresh Water. Keeps pond fresh by eliminating odor problems associated with stagnant water.

    Pond Air Kits - Pond Aerators Increase oxygen and circulation levels

    Dissolved oxygen is gaseous oxygen dissolved in water. It is the amount of oxygen available in the pond water. 5 ppm is the minimum level of dissolved oxygen for pond ecosystem. Less than 5 ppm leads to problems such as fish sickness or death, algae, stagnant water and the odors associated with.

    Low levels of dissolved oxygen can also lead to foul smelling ponds. As organics decay – an ecosystem shift from aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration takes place. Anaerobic conditions result in the production of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs. No one wants their pond to smell like rotten eggs.

    Pond Air Kits  Increase Dissolved Oxygen Levels

    In ponds deeper than 24″, submerged oxygen is critical. If oxygen is not circulated at the bottom of deeper ponds, a low level oxygen can lead to stratification.

    Water with differing levels of dissolved oxygen will separate into layers. Stratification means that a layer of water with less oxygen will sink below the layer with more oxygen.

    The layer at the bottom of the pond will become anaerobic. Anaerobic conditions cause pathogenic bacteria to proliferate. Pathogenic bacteria cause all sorts of disease and even death to fish.

    Our Pond Air Kits Help Eliminate These Problems:

    Pond Air Kits - Pond Aerators Fish love to swim in and around the rising air bubbles

  • Fish sickness or death due to low oxygen levels
  • Anaerobic conditions
  • Excessive algae blooms
  • Stratification
  • Stagnation
  • Odor

  • Pond Air Kits Increase water circulation  in ponds

    A properly sized pond air kit for your pond will increase levels of dissolved oxygen. The rising air bubbles will also cause water to rise with them. This creates a “bottom to top” water current. When the air diffusers are placed on top of a bottom drain at an end of a pond, they increase the bottom drain efficiency and create an “end to end” water current.

    Pond Air Kits - Pond Aerators Keep a hole open in the ice during winter

    Submerged aeration provides oxygen to the water and fish. It also increases water circulation. Our pond air kits will also keep a hole open in the ice during winter time. In warmer summer months, warm water holds less dissolved oxygen. Our professional pond air kits increase dissolved oxygen levels in the water.

    Our pond air kits also prevent ponds, water troughs, and fish holding tanks from freezing over in winter.

    Pond Air Kits - Pond Aerators Provide oxygen and circulation during winter

    Pond aerator kits not only add and maintain high levels of dissolved oxygen, they also increase underwater circulation. In winter, pond aerator kits keep oxygen transfer going by keeping a hole open in the ice. Pond air kits maintain proper gas exchange at all depths of a pond all year long, and are a “must have” item in any pond deeper than 24″.


    The purpose of a pond air kit is to provide additional dissolved oxygen and circulation to a pond or fish holding tank. Increased oxygen levels provides many benefits to the water quality and the organisms that live in the water.

    Dissolving Oxygen Into Pond Water
    The nature of water places limitations on how much oxygen pond water can hold. It also creates parameters for what should be expected under different pond conditions. There is approximately 21% oxygen in the air we breath (210,00ppm oxygen).

    In any natural water body, there is typically less than 1% dissolved oxygen. Levels of dissolved oxygen in pond water is small that their levels are measured in parts per million (ppm). For example: 1 ppm = 0.0001 % of gallon of water.


    Dissolved Oxygen Chart Temperature in Fahrenheit / DO in ppm

    Higher Temperature
    Warm water holds less dissolved oxygen.

    Lower Temperature
    Cooler water holds more dissolved oxygen.

    Water Temperature and Fish Metabolism
    Fish metabolic rate is dependant on water temperature. In winter their metabolism slows right down and speeds up as the water gets warmer in spring. This dependence on water temperature also affects their immune system, wound healing and digestion.

    For most pond water fish, the immune response is severely inhibited below 54°F. Even when water temperatures start to rise there is a time lag of a week or so before the fish immune system starts to function effectively.

    This is one of the reasons that fish are particularly vulnerable during spring, when water temperatures often hover around the 50° – 60° F mark for several weeks. Unfortunately fish parasites and opportunistic bacteria tend to become active a lot quicker as temperatures start to rise and often take advantage of sluggish fish.


    Dissolved oxygen in water varies. It can ranges from zero to over 10 ppm. Many factors cause this variance. Water temperature, depth, circulation, fish, and organic loads. Oxygen loving heterotrophic bacteria convert organic matter into CO2, H2O, and minerals. Low DO levels kill heterotrophic bacteria and encourages anaerobic pathogenic bacteria to take over. Pathogenic bacteria cause fish ulcers, fin rot, mouth rot, dropsy, and other fish diseases and death.

    Low DO levels is often accompanied with the production of hydrogen sulfide, giving the air a putrid smell of rotten eggs.

    Further problems can occur in colder climates with deeper ponds when a natural temperature stratification of the water column develops in the spring and fall. In this situation the fish congregate in the lower zone of the pond. Oxygen from the atmosphere does not circulate at the bottom of a pond. Pond fish, heterotrophic bacteria, and ecosystem organism require oxygen. Pond fish get easily stressed in low DO conditions.

    Pond fish can also be stressed or killed when ice cover prevents atmospheric mixing with the water. Also known as “gas-exchange”.

    Fish kills are also common during late summer or early fall in pond where organic buildups result in massive algae blooms and associated drops in oxygen.


    Improved conditions at the pond bottom. In this zone, with the oxygen provided by the pond air kit, heterotrophic bacteria can grow and prosper. These bacteria break down fish waste and organic matter. Without this bacteria, the organic material decays and becomes “sludge” on the bottom of the pond.

    As a result of the infusion of oxygen with the pond air kit, non-oxygen consuming pathogenic bacteria cannot compete for foods sources by the aerobic bacteria. Accordingly, the threat to the health of fish and other aquatic life is lessened and the probability of a healthy fish population is enhanced.

    With a pond air kit on the pond, the oxygen-loving bacteria can now dominate the bottom environment and digest the organic buildup from the algae, fish, terrestrial plants, and other land and aquatic life forms. When this occurs, aquatic plant nutrients are processed and less of them are available for the use by nuisance algae.

    Additional benefits accrue from displacing those bacteria that do not use oxygen for their life processes. Of particular importance are the sulfur bacteria, which produce the hydrogen sulfide and the smell of rotten eggs.

    Improved aeration also benefits the food chain, which is so important for sustained a desired fish population in a pond. In particular, it enhances the production of aquatic insects and smaller fish, who have sufficient oxygen for growing and reproducing.

    When a pond stratifies, due to depth and colder temperatures, aeration helps by circulating the water and breaking up the thermal barrier, called a thermocline. This condition results in higher concentrations of oxygen at the lower levels of the pond, and proper conditions for resident populations of fish.

    Proper aeration can also reduce or eliminate fish kills, resulting from oxygen depletion in late summer or early fall.

    And it also reduces or eliminates fish kills, caused by ice cover, low oxygen, and high populations of fish.

    Pond Air Kits – Pond Aerators

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    Pond Air Kit

    Micro Pond Air Kit $59.99, Mini Pond Air Kit $79.99, Small Pond Air Kit $179.99, Medium Pond Air Kit $249.99, Large Pond Air Kit $399.99


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