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The Mecca of Pond Supplies

Shopping for Pond Supplies for your water garden can have you running all over town. While a large department store might carry the basics, chances are you won’t be able to find the more specific – and crucial – items you need. Shopping at a smaller store may get you harder to find items, but only carry limited selections. For both options and specialty, visit Russell Watergardens – your #1 source for pond supplies and easy to clean filtration systems.

Pond Kits

Planning and purchasing your water garden as a Pond Kit makes installation a breeze. When buying a kit, all your pond supplies comes in one, easy to install kit that includes everything you need. No more running around town picking up a pump here and plumbing there. Just drop in, select what you need and go. Nothing left to do now but enjoy your new pond!

Rock Columns

Rock Columns are an option for those who want the tranquility of a waterfall without the maintenance. Featured in a water garden, they add a touch of flair and elegance in a sophisticated, yet still natural-looking way. They’re quick and easy to assemble with no other pond supplies needed when bought as a complete kit. Our water garden professionals can help you design, plan and install your rock columns for a beautiful, pondless waterfall effect.

Pond Air Pumps

No pond supplies collection is complete without an air pump. At Russell Watergarden, we sell RWK Series Pond Air Pumps. Our pumps are easy to install and promote green technology with energy efficient motors that leave very little carbon footing. But best of all, maintenance is virtually nonexistent.

Pond Filters

There are technically two types of Pond Filters: biological filters and mechanical filters. Both play a crucial role in keeping your pond clean dependant on your pond supplies needs. While mechanical filters are best for capturing and removing physical debris, biological filters get the tiny chemical compounds you didn’t even know were in there.

This is just a sample of what we supply as Russell Watergarden. Whatever your pond supplies needs may be, we have exactly what you need. Whether it’s something as big as a full koi pond kit or as simple as a mending patch, we take the guesswork out of creating your water garden so you can sit back and enjoy your backyard’s latest beauty.

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