Say Goodbye to Pre-Packaged Ponds!

When you create your watergarden sanctuary, you should feel a personal connection with the experience. Many koi pond companies will simply sell you a “pond-in-a-box” pond kit without taking the time to make sure it fits perfectly with your individual needs. Russell Technologies pond kit systems are completely customizable and are customized to fit your design. If you have found yourself looking for the perfect pond system to build in your yard, and still can’t find the perfect fit, look no further.

Russell pond kit systems are made to enhance your yard with the dimensions you choose. You do not have to make your pond design fit a pre-packaged model that severely limits your creativity. Whatever type of pond you design, we can build a customer pond kit for you. Russell lets your creativity shine! Please take a moment to look at the wonderful creations you can design for the watergarden of your dreams on our website at:

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