Ultimate Pondless Rock Columns

Pondless Rock Columns easy to install and maintain
Pondless Rock Columns have no standing water when turned off

Ultimate Pondless Rocks Columns Add Beauty and Elegance to Any Landscape

Pondless Rock Columns are easy to install

Pondless Rock Columns are for people who want to add a little elegance and flair to their landscape. You get the sound of falling water, but with a “waterfall”. They are super easy to maintain with an RWG (Russell WaterGardens) Ultimate pondless pre-filter and tank system.

Pondless Rock Columns from Russell Watergardens, look and feel like real basalt rock columns – but with 1/5 the weight! They can be installed anywhere….by hand! No heavy machinery required!

Pondless Rock Columns are custom made with nylon fiber reinforced concrete over a galvanized steel frame, then acid stained. They are hollow and pre-plumbed with 1 1/2″ pipe. They are flat on the bottom with a pipe outlet opening so that they can be installed upright without any footings! Installation is fast and easy.

It’s best to install Pondless Rock Columns in “odd” numbers: 1,3,5,7, and so on. There is minimal excavation, little space required, and the average homeowner or contractor can install them is just a few short hours! All the plumbing lines are hidden from view.

When they’re turned off, all the water disappears into the HydroChamber™. There is no standing water!

When the pump is turned on, water is pumped from the HydroChamber™ and bubbles upward out of the top of the Pondless Rock Columns and cascades down the sides into a pool or stream lined with decorative stones.

Ultimate Pondless Rock Columns Easy to install and easy to clean and maintain
Ultimate Pondless Rock Columns In OFF Mode all the water disappears into the HydroChamber

The water then travels to the HydroSieve™ to capture debris into an easy to clean filter basket. Water then passes back to the HydroChamber™.

Pondless Rock Columns are plumbed with their own ball valve to “dial-in” just the right amount of water flow. The are especially attractive at night when they’re lit up.

RWG Pondless Rock Columns are a quick, easy, economical way to add the magic sound of falling water into any garden or landscape! Give us a call, we can help you with your design.

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