Pond Skimmer

pond skimmerIf you love your outdoor water feature and all the flora and fauna that it supports, you are likely going to need a pond skimmer. This important piece of equipment does a lot to keep water clean and healthy. Plus, it does a lot of time and labor-intensive work for you. Do what is best for yourself and your aquatic environments by adding a pond skimmer to your list of essential equipment.

What Does a Pond Skimmer Do?

Every backyard pond becomes a magnet for natural debris. Leaves and glass clippings blow into the water. Sticks and mulch will end up floating on the surface. You might end up with bits of trash in the pond. Eventually, this debris will sink to the bottom and begin to decompose. And since your water feature is a closed system, this decomposing debris will begin to compromise water quality without it in place. The water can become murky and cloudy, and you will put the health of fish in jeopardy. A pond skimmer usually sucks in water from the surface. Any debris is filtered into a basket, and the clean water is returned to the pond. That way you can easily separate and dispose of debris before it even has a chance to decompose.

How Do I Choose a Pond Skimmer?

The principle behind a pond skimmer is the same no matter what make or model you choose. However, there are differences between various types of them. And if you want to keep your water feature in the best condition possible, you will want to have one that meets all your needs. These are the factors you should focus on:
  • Simplicity – Consider how easy it is to empty the skimmer basket.
  • Durability – Look for one that can handle the wear and tear of daily use season after season.
  • Pump Size – You will want to rely on one that can handle a similar volume of water as your pond pump.
  • Fish Health – If you keep fish in the water, find a pond skimmer that will not affect the animals.
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