Pond Pumps

Pond pumps are extremely important to maximizing the beauty and health of your koi pond.  Russell Technologies™ pumps provide a variety of options and flow rates. We’ve designed our advanced pond pumps to deliver optimized experiences for every type of pond style. Check out our extensive line of pond pumps.

HydroMagnetic Pond Pump
HydroMagnetic pond pumps require very little electricity and function using oppositely charged magnets. The Hydromagnetic model pumps water while using minimal amounts of electricity. These pumps also feature multiple installation methods, horizontally or vertically. This pump also features an electromagnetic motor and plastic fish guard in-take screen.

Hydro Dynamax Submersible Pump 
The Hydro Dynamax comes complete with a low water protection float switch that turns off or on automatically. The stainless steel fish-guard intake screen is removable for solids passing. This pump is built to last with a cast iron impeller and volute.

Hydro Centrimax Energy Saver Pump

The Hydro Centrimax pond pump conserves energy while delivering a maximum performance. You’ll achieve a tranquil pond setting with the quiet whisper operator featured in this pump. The enclosed fan cooled motor creates outstanding flow rates. The Hydro Centrimax is known as the Gold standard in the pond and watergarden industry. 

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