Pond Heaters for Small Ponds & Water Gardens

Long gone are Washington’s sunny summer months of relaxing in the backyard and enjoying your water garden with a glass of cool lemonade. The air is getting cooler and that cold lemonade has turned into a warm cider. We’re right in the throws of fall and time to throw on your pond heater to prepare your backyard water garden for the winter seasons.

Just because summer has turned to fall doesn’t mean your water garden’s ecosystem comes to a halt – especially if there’s koi or other fish involved. Keeping a balanced pond system requires a balance of circumstances to keep life functioning properly. One of the most essential purchases you can make for your water garden is to purchase a pond heater, also known as a pond de-icer.

Pond Heaters From Russell Watergardens

Ice is not your pond’s only enemy. A pond heater will serve your pond as its personal detoxifier. During fall and winter months, algae, insects, dead leaves and solidified fish waste throw off your pond’s oxygen levels while simultaneously releasing small levels of a toxin called hydrogen sulfide. At normal levels, hydrogen sulfide poses no threat to your pond or its koi fish. But when decomposition or ice builds up and prevents the correct amounts of oxygen from entering your pond without allowing the hydrogen sulfide to escape, the results can spell trauma for your pond.

This is where a pond heater comes to your rescue! Pond heaters will heat the water and create a hole where ice has formed. Oxygen is now allows oxygen to enter your pond and hydrogen sulfide to escape. Washington’s typically temperate climate is no threat to your pond’s fish; it’s the gas exchange that can become an issue. A simple hole in the ice allows for proper gas exchange to ensure they stay healthy through colder months.

Whether you need a pond heater for a small pond or large water heater, Russell Water Gardens has everything you need to keep your pond protected through the winter. Our heaters and pumps are designed with your pond’s ecosystem in mind to accommodate for its unique needs and to keep pond life safe. Check out a selection of our stock online. For a complete and up-to-date account of our inventory, give us a call or stop by today!

If you have any questions about pond heaters or water ponds, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-844-9314.

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