Pond Heaters vs Aerators – Which Is Best?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Pond Heaters vs. Aerators

At Russell Water Gardens, we understand that you have a lot of different options when it comes to your ponds, and you may be wondering if it makes more sense to get a pond heater or a pond aerator. While we understand that this is quite a difficult concept, we are going to attempt to explain the difference between pond heaters vs. aerators, in the hopes that you understand that, in the long run, it makes more sense to use an aerator to heat your pond.

Pond Heaters vs. Aerators: Which is more cost effective?

The concept behind a pond heater is, of course, to prevent a pond from freezing over. However, most ponds that are 18 inches or less do not completely freeze over. In addition, it’s rare that Florida – which is a tropical climate – will have temperatures that will allow for water to freeze over at any point, or even partially. Finally, in terms of energy expenditure, aerators cost much less money to run than pond heaters.

Pond Heaters vs. Aerators: Which does a better job in keeping the oxygen in the water?

Koi fish, like every other carbon-based life form on Earth, need to breathe oxygen to survive. Because a pond is an artificially created environment, it may prove difficult to keep fresh oxygen in the water. As an end result, without proper aeration, koi fish will be subject to more diseases, and will eventually die. Installing an aerator, on the other hand, will help you keep the oxygen in the water easier because an aerator’s sole job is to keep the oxygen in the water column. So, in terms of pond heaters vs. aerators keeping oxygen in your pond, an aerator is the better choice.

Pond Heaters vs. Aerators: Which can be used for more than one function?

Cost effectiveness isn’t just measured in a tool’s ability to lower your electric bill or cost less money to run. Another factor in cost effectiveness lies in a tool’s ability to have more than one function. While a pond heater does just one thing – that is, puts heat in the pond – an aerator actually has several other functions as well. That’s why many experts in the pond industry recommend that consumers get an aerator if they live in warmer climates because it will serve more of a function than a pond heater.

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