Pond Heaters to Add to Your Backyard

pond heatersIf you love the aquatic wildlife that lives in your backyard pond and all the flora that the area encourages, you need to take every step to ensure that it’s the best environment it can be. In some cases that mean incorporating pond heaters. Depending on where you live and what you do with your pond, they may not be necessary. But just like pond filter, pumps, and additives, when they are necessary they are essential if you want your pond to be as healthy and supportive of life as it can be. Read on to learn everything you want and need to know about pond heaters and your pond.

What do Pond Heaters Do?

As you can probably guess from the name, the purpose of pond heaters is to raise the temperature of the water in the pond. But pond heaters become important not only for the heat they provide but also for the control that they offer over the water temperature at any given time. Freezing water is obviously a problem. But for anyone who is serious about creating a safe environment for fish to live a long life, they need to be able to adjust the temperature of the water at any time and with precise control. Pond heaters are designed to provide just this kind of capability.

When are They Necessary?

Strictly speaking, pond heaters are not a necessity. If you live in a climate that warns year-round, you may not have to worry about water temperatures dropping to an unsafe level. And if you do not raise fish in your pond, the water temperature may never be an issue you need to worry about. That being said, the vast majority of people with a pond that has koi or other fish in it choose to install some pond heater. Temperatures do not have to fall very far before the health of koi specifically, and fish gets put into jeopardy. Even in parts of the country with a stable climate, cold temperatures are always possible, and a flash freeze is not unheard of. People who are very serious about the health and well-being of their fish often want to keep the water temperature from ever falling below a baseline. And they have discovered that by using pond heaters to make slight adjustments to the temperature throughout the year, they can support happier and healthier fish. The only way to prevent disaster is with pond heaters in place.

How do They Work?

There are three common types of pond heaters. The simplest is just a device that keeps pond water from freezing. It may not be able to heat the water to a high enough temperature to protect your fish. But it can keep a backyard pond from turning into an eyesore or safety hazard when the temperatures drop below freezing. A gas-fired pond heater uses gas heat to fill a chamber with hot water. The heat then bleeds into other chambers of water, raising the temperature before the water is circulated back into the pond. These type of pond heaters work particularly well for koi ponds. The final type of pond heaters are known as inline electric water heaters. Essentially, water is pumped across an electric heating element before it is returned to the pond. These type of pond heaters tend to be less expensive and easier to set up and operate, but they do not provide the kind of careful control of a gas heater.

What Temperature do I Need to Keep My Pond at?

That all depends on who you ask. People who are passionate about koi fish have all sorts of theories about this issue, and use pond heaters according to their own ideas and fish-care strategies. However, the general consensus is that pond water should be kept at a temperature close to 55 degrees. Once this temperature is achieved, pond heaters should be used to minimize swings in temperature both up and down. Final Considerations for Pond Heaters

Final Considerations for Pond Heaters

Before you start looking for the right options for pond heaters, keep in mind that a backyard pond is a delicate ecosystem. Anytime you change one thing, and especially something as important as water temperature, it affects everything else in the ecosystem. Make sure to consider the overall impact that pond heaters will have on the flora, fauna, and overall atmosphere of your pond before you put one in. When you are ready to find the right pond heaters for your aquatic environment, browse the selection available from Russell Water Gardens. We have options for ponds of all shapes, sizes, and fish capacities. Explore our selection, and feel free to contact us at (800) 844-9314 if you have any questions about them or any other aspect of your outdoor water features.