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Now YOU Can Become an Online E-Tailer of
RWG Professional Pond Equipment and Products

Become an E-tailer & Make Money On-Line Selling Our Products

Outstanding Benefits You’ll Receive:

    Be associated with the most respected brand name in water features
    Carry exclusive products with benefits that your customers will truly appreciate – and that your competitors can’t offer
    Carry exclusive products that give you an extreme market advantage over the competition
    Exclusive equipment line for water gardens, Koi ponds, Hybrid Ponds™, CrossOver™ Ponds, and Ultimate pondless water features – you’ll have more options to provide customers in your area that your competition can’t offer
    Reach more customers with products and equipment that serve both the koi and water gardening hobbyists – plus the exclusive RWG advantage … Hybrid ponds!
    Ectomies™ reach new customers
    Exclusive product line of water treatments and fish foods.
    Highly respected brand.
    Free training and support.

For information on how to become an on-line e-tailer, click on the link below and email us your request.

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