Koi Ponds Breed: The Showa

One of the most classic visual examples of Koi featured in art, tattoos, and Koi ponds is the Showa Sanshoku, also known as the Showa. This iconic fish is trademarked by a black body with vibrant red and white splashes decorating its scales.

Originally developed in 1927, the early versions of Showa were gray-white with striped fins. Named for the reigning Japanese emperor of the era, these gorgeous koi acquired their second name, Sanshoku, for their tri-colored palette. The red and white patches were weaker and paler than the strong specimens exhibited in Koi Ponds today.

Showa add both beauty and unique personality to any Koi pond. The breed is high in demand due to its striking features and calm, docile behavior. To shop for the best home for your Showa, visit us at www.russellwatergardens.com  and browse our selection of ponds for your dream Koi Pond setup.

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