Koi Pond Supplies 101

One of our most popular types of ponds we help stock and build here in the Seattle area are koi ponds. These colorful fish are not only enjoyable to watch, but can actually be trained as pets to hand feed. Finding all the necessary koi pond supplies can be difficult to manage, but here at Russell Watergardens we can help you build, stock and manage your koi pond with the help of our professionals.

Koi Pond Supplies

The most important part of a proper koi pond supplies system is to ensure proper filtration for your fish. There are a couple things to consider when choosing a pond filter. The filter needs to be either a mechanical or biological filter which are the only type of filters we use here at Russell Watergarden. Also, the pond filter must be adequately paired with the correct pond size. The filter will state the volume of pond water it is designed for. Another way to measure water volume is with our Water Volume Calculator. Keep in mind that your koi fish are going to grow. Without proper foresight, your koi will quickly outgrow your pond filter. Aire on the side of caution and always get a bigger filtration system.

Why Do I Need a Pond Filter?

Pond filters work by keeping your pond clean of debris while balancing its pH levels and other aspects of its chemistry. Stagnate water breeds all types of insects, bacteria and other gooey elements that make a pond otherwise inhabitable. To establish a smooth flow of filtration, place the pump on one end of the pond to suck in water. This water is then pushed through your water feature of choice – whether it be a waterfall, fountain, or filter – where it receives proper aeration and cycled back into the pond.

Pond Drains and Vaccums

Ideally, you’ll want to equip your koi pond with a drain and vacuum system. Your drain is then connected to the skimmer and pond pump. The pump will collect water and filter it and then push it through a water feature to suck up silt and other fine debris. For tougher debris, it’s best to use a pond vacuum for easy debris removal.

For the best in koi pond supplies, check out our collection in the shop! We have everything you could possibly need to complete your koi pond. And if you don’t see it online, call us at 1-800-844-9314 and we’ll help you find anything you might need.

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