Pondless Rock Columns

Looking for the sound of a waterfall without the actual waterfall? Or perhaps you want to add a touch of flair to your water garden in an unexpected way. Consider adding rock columns!

Rock columns are the perfect way to add effortless style to any water garden. These versatile pond features both look and feel like real basalt rock columns but at one-fifth of the weight. These sturdy structure are easy to install by hand without the use of heavy machinery.

Installing Pondless Rock Columns

Our favorite thing about rock columns is that they are versatile and can be used anywhere. They make a great addition to both pond style and pondless style water features. We make our rock columns with nylon fiber and concrete over a galvanized steel frame, which is then acid stained. The inside is left hollow and comes with 1.5″ plumbing pipe already installed within. The bottom is left flat with a pipe outlet for quick installation to your pond’s pump.

Designing Your Pond’s Rock Columns

When adding rock columns to your pond design, there’s a couple tips to keep in mind. For starters, rock columns look best when added in odd numbers. This Rule of Three and Odd Numbers applies to many areas of design because it gives the eye balance, symmetry, and a focal point. Additionally, it’s easier to arrange than even number items which must be perfectly balanced and spaced.

Rock Columns Used in Water Ponds

Rock columns are usually installed in pondless-style water features. That’s because when they’re turned off, all the water is stored in the HydroChamber, leaving no still standing water – making them perfect for homes with small children. However, rock columns can also be installed in deeper ponds to add a vertical element to the garden. Rock Columns are designed to plumb self-sufficiently. They have their own ball valve to control just the right amount of water regardless of external factors.

Check out our collection of Pondless Rock Columns at Russell Watergarden. Give us a call and our pond experts are standing by to answer any questions or advise you on building your pond design.

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  1. Cecilia Walker

    Thank you for linking to my post about the Rule of Three and Odd Numbers. With the rock columns, I would add, that in addition to keeping the Rule of Three or odd numbers in mind when designing your grouping, to consider varying the heights as well… as pictured in your post…to keep the eye moving, engaged and interested.

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