HydroRocks + Feng Shui = Tranquility

Adding rocks to the feature list in your watergarden adds a sense of stability and calmness. Natural crystals and stones are a great way to infuse the earth feng shui element into your home. Our Hydrorocks are perfect for balancing out the feel of your garden without the heavy lifting.
HydroRocks™, from Russell Technologies™, look and feel like real basalt rock columns – but with 1/5 the weight! They can be installed anywhere….by hand! No heavy machinery required! HydroRocks™ are custom made with nylon fiber reinforced concrete over a galvanized steel frame, then acid stained. They are hollow and pre-plumbed with 1 1/2″ pipe. They are flat on the bottom with a pipe outlet opening so that they can be installed upright without any footings! Installation is fast and easy.

Russell Watergardens

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