HydroCology Water Conservation Technology

We’ll help you preserve our planet for future generations. You can capture and recycle bio filter backwash water and harvest rain water with our trademarked Hydrocology water conservation technology. Our recycling systems feature:

  • Hydro Tanks™ heavy duty direct burial and/or above ground water storage tanks.
  • Can be remotely installed out of site and away from ponds, water features, and structures.
  • HDPE rotational molded plastic.
  • Individual storage capacities from 175 gallons to 2,500 gallons or they can be daisy-chained together for unlimited water storage.
  • Inlet and outlet bulkhead fittings.
  • Heavy duty lids with locking hardware.
  • 100% of the nutrient rich recycled water goes to irrigation and kept away from ponds and water features – unlike water block-and-liner-based water storage systems that incorporate the nurtrient rich water into water features. Nutrient rich water feeds algae and makes for unsightly, dificult to clean water features.

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