Hydro Vescense Effervescent Cleaner

Come to Russell Watergardens and Koi pick up our HydroVescense Effervescent Cleaner today! It’s the perfect solution for the natural buildup that all watergardens accumulate over time. If your pondless waterfall system or koipond is looking like it needs refreshment, look no further than Russell Watergardens and Koi for all of your cleaning essentials.

Hydro Vescense Effervescent Cleaner scrubs away tough build-up. It’s best to use it at the first sign of any unsightly build-up. The intense hydrogen peroxide scrubbing action naturally removes scum from your waterfall rocks, rock columns, pond rocks, and pond and stream gravel. It’s also effective on pond liner, gunite, concrete, shotcrete, and polyurea liners. Hydro Vescense Effervescent Cleaner is the way to go to achieve a sparkling clean waterfall! Call us today at 1-800-844-9314!

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