How To Build A Pondless Rock Column

The HydroRock™ Fountain with Stream & Waterfalls is a fun and unique water feature suitable for any type of landscape. This design has a mixture of moving and falling water sounds perfect for masking street and neighborhood noise, as well as creating a relaxing atmosphere. This display here at the Russell Watergardens & Koi Flagship Store in Redmond, WA – has become a fun destination for many types of birds including hummingbirds, robins, crows, blue jays and many other varieties that bath and frolic in this unique water feature. It has become a great focal point for bird watchers.

This water feature is designed to be super easy to clean and maintain with the HydroSieve™ pre-filter and HydroChamber™ pump vault. This feature is also “pondless” when the pump is shut off. When the pump is off, all the water in the system is contained within the HydroChamber™ – thus eliminating standing water and the potential for mosquitoes.

This time lapse video shows you how easy to install our Ultimate Pondless HydroRock kit can be. With just a few people, you too can build a beatiful pondless rock column fountain with small waterfalls and a stream in as little as a single day!