How to Attract Butterflies to Your Water Garden

When designing a water garden, it’s easy to zero in and focus directly on what goes in and around its banks. But no water pond is complete without adding a touch of life to what lies above. There’s no better way to add life to your garden than by attracting butterflies! Butterflies bring effortless pops of color to any garden and are quite easy to attract. Plus, these little pollinators spread nutrients around your yard acting like little gardeners. Here are some steps you can incorporate in your garden to make it more butterfly-abundant.

Keep it Organic

That means no pesticides with chemicals that kill insects. How can you expect to attract butterflies when your garden is an insect deathtrap? You’ll have to resort to natural means of insect control, like larva eating ladybugs.

Pay Attention to Butterfly Favorite Hues

Adult butterflies actually play favorites when it comes to colors. Butterflies love red, orange, yellow, purple and pink flowers with plenty of landing room to rest on.

Placement and Timing Is Key

Butterflies sure can be picky. For butterflies to feed, key nectar plants must be placed in locations where they receive full sunlight from mid-morning to mid-afternoon as butterflies typically only feed in the sun. Also, butterflies need nectar throughout the course of their adult life. Plant in intervals, that way when one plant stops blooming another begins. Place flat rocks nearby as well, as butterflies need space to dry their wings before taking flight.

Don’t Forget to Feed the Caterpillars

No caterpillars means no butterflies. Plant caterpillar favorite foods like passionvines, maypops, pawpaws, willow, wisteria or milkweeds. If you’re worried about caterpillars munching away at your plants, don’t be. Unlike moth caterpillars, butterfly caterpillars don’t cause leaf damage.

Give Me Shelter

Butterflies will need water for hydration and shelter from predators. Let select areas of your garden get a bit overgrown to weather your new visitors from the elements. Designing a water garden may seem like a big undertaking at first, but is also fun and rewarding. At Russell Watergardens, we have all the supplies you need! Call us today at 1-800-844-9314!

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