Give the Holiday Gift of Koi Pond Kit

Give the gift that keeps on giving all year long for you favorite water garden enthusiast. Building a water garden is no easy feat, especially when incorporating aquatic critters like koi and other fish. Help your loved one take some of the guesswork of pond creation this holiday season with one of our koi pond kits from Russell Watergardens. Our all-inclusive koi pond kits make pond assembly so easy that you’ll have your pond set up by the new year!

Koi Pond Kit

Koi pond kit make the perfect gift for the DIY enthusiast or that friend of yours who just likes to spend time in the outdoors. Pond cleaning and koi care is made easy with kits including liners, pond pumps, tubing, valve kits, koi food and written instructions to boot. All our koi pond kits are designed and built to withstand both hot and cold weather conditions for an optimum pond life.

Are you a beginner? Don’t be intimidated. All of our koi pond kit come with all the pond supplies you’ll need to assemble your beautiful pond with ease. Along with easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have access to our water garden experts happy to help instruct you over the phone or help build in person so that no integral step is left overlooked.

When building your koi pond keep in mind that koi add a distinct variable to your pond’s development. A koi pond is different from a typical water garden because they limit the growth of plant life since koi will eat certain plants. Additionally, koi need more room in order to grow and flourish. We recommend creating a pond no smaller than 1,000 gallons in volume to ensure your koi have adequate room.

All of our >koi pond kit are custom made to suit whatever needs you may have. Our water garden experts can help you design, scale, price and build your koi pond project from top to bottom for a custom backyard feature that’s uniquely yours. Call our Toll Free number at 1-800-844-9314 to speak with one of our professionals today!

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