Have You Ever Wondered What’s in Your Fish Food?

We have all seen the pet commercials challenging us to be more aware of what we feed our treasured pets. We know with large pet food labels producing misleading labels for their products it can be easy to misunderstand those intimidating ingredients listings. We’ve included some background information on a few ingredients for choosing the best food for your koi and the maintenance of your pond. 

Our featured Aisuru Koi is loaded with healthy benefits. It’s fortified with probiotics, vitamins and minerals for enhanced health, sheen and luster. Aisuru Koi is fully coated with bacillus subtillis natto. This increases the digestion and health of the fish while benefitting the water quality of the pond. Even the packaging of Aisuru Koi is efficient. The gasket lid plastic buckets are rodent resistant and lock out air and moisture extending the life of the food.

What are probiotics?
Probiotics are foods containing living bacteria. These foods usually aid in improved digestion and are beneficial to the body. They are good bacteria that impact the digestibility of ingredients. Probiotics re-inoculate the digestive tract and are essential to the immune system.

What is nucleotide & natto?

Nucleotides are used for creating, replacing and developing vital immune cells. By including it in your pet food it can replenish the dead cells our pets lose, providing them with unique nutrients to aid in their maximum health.  Natto and nucleotide are very similar in the benefits they provide to animals. Natto is also noted for containing very high levels of vitamin K.

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