Freezing Temps Expected Winter 2015

With the holidays and New Years festivities behind us, many of us are eagerly anticipating the warmth that arrives with the upcoming spring. But January and February are well-known for being the coldest months of the year. Earlier this week, meteorologists reported that a blast of Arctic air is expected to send most of North America into a deep freeze. While the major areas predicted to be affected are the northern plains, Midwest, and East Coast, we should still take extra precautions to make sure our ponds- and fish- are comfortable in the wake of an unforgiving winter.

To keep your water feature from freezing over in the cold, you’ll need a de-icer. We carry a full range of de-icers for ponds of all sizes, with a fully submergible or floating option. Our line of indoor pond heaters keep your water feature toasty despite the snowfall. You can use the heater outside, too- just remember to keep the equipment protected from the weather. And don’t forget about our premium fish food, scientifically designed to keep your fish well fed and jolly throughout the worst of winter.

Stay warm,
Russell Watergardens

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