Exploring Options for Pond Pumps

Pond Pumps

pond pumps A water feature like a pond is one of the best ways to upgrade your landscaping and transform the way you enjoy your outdoor space. But for your pond to provide the look and feel you want it’s going to take more than a hole in the ground and some water. Pond pumps are essential for keeping the water clean and the life in the pond healthy. Decide which of these common types of pumps is right for your water feature:
  • Fountain Pond Pumps: These type of pumps serve a dual purpose. They circulate the water in the pond. Plus, they spray it up into the air in dynamic ways. That means you can enjoy both a pond and a fountain at the same time. The only draw back to this type of pump is that it can’t also act as a filter. You may need to purchase and install a filter separately to clean out harmful solids.
  • Filter Pond Pumps: Unlike the previous entry, these pumps are invisible and will not add to the visual performance of your pond. They will, however, filter out all the harmful materials that could discolor the water, harm the wildlife, and kill the plants in and around the pond. Since these pumps run 24/7, look for one that delivers great performance without needing to use a lot of energy.
  • High-Pressure Pond Pumps: If your pond also incorporates a waterfall, you will need to supply a constant supply of water to the top of the spillover. Unfortunately, many pond pumps can’t generate enough pressure to send large amounts of water vertically. But high-pressure pond pumps can.
  • Dry-Mounted Pond Pumps: Most pumps need to be submerged underwater. Dry-mounted pond pumps perform the same function while sitting on the soil. That creates more space inside the pond and allows for easier maintenance. These types of pumps are particularly popular in Koi ponds.
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