Easy To Clean Waterfall Filters – From Russell Watergardens

Russell Watergardens Has Your Easy to Clean Waterfall Filters!

You’ve invested in a koi pond or a backyard water garden, but you’re finding it difficult to keep it clean – the mere hassle of having to take apart the filter system makes you wonder if, indeed, your koi pond or backyard water garden was worth the investment. We understand your frustration – and that’s why we at Russell Watergardens & Koi are pleased to offer easy to clean waterfall filters as part of our pond kits!

Why our easy to clean waterfall filters are the best in the market…

You need something that’s as easy to maintain as it is to keep clean. Whether you have a koi pond or a water garden, our pond kits can offer you everything you’re looking for, and more. That’s why Russell Watergardens & Koi are pleased to offer you our patented, exclusive Hydro Vortex backwashable water filter system in our complete kits. The Hydro Vortex system is renowned throughout the industry as being the easiest to clean, and to maintain. In addition to being fish safe (so your beloved koi don’t get trapped!), they also come complete with all bio matter that you’ll need to get the pond started. Moreover, unlike other filters whose pads are made of polyester (which is not only difficult to clean, it falls apart easily and rarely lasts for more than 2 years), Hydro Vortex filters come equipped with FiberSilk, which never falls apart and never needs to be replaced. This, alone, will spare you the expenses you would incur with another, lesser filtration system! And because Hydro Vortex filters are backwashable, you can clean and maintain your filter without having to take it apart like you would with another filtration system. This, alone, makes the Hydro Vortex filter appealing to the discerning consumer! Best of all, Hydro Vortex filters come in a wide variety of sizes, so it’s perfect no matter how big, or small, your pond is. Not to mention, Hydro Vortex filters are affordable, and offer the most value for your dollar, since you never have to worry about changing filters or losing pieces!

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Russell Watergardens & Koi is pleased to be your one stop shop for all of your pond filtration needs, and we’re pleased to make the process as easy for you as possible. For more information about us and our easy to clean waterfall filters, contact us today.