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Picking the Right Filter for Easy to Clean Pond Systems

with choice of pump and backwash option A pond is a great addition to your landscaping. But in order to keep the pond looking good and everything in and around the pond healthy, you will need to clean it regularly. Filters are an essential part of easy to clean pond systems because they do most of the hard work for you. But not all filters are as efficient or easy as others. Look for these features to ensure that you have easy to clean pond systems:

Sufficient Circulation

Filters clean the water in your pond by circulating it through a system that removes anything harmful and unwanted. In general, you want all the water in your pond to circulate at least once an hour. That means you need to have a filter that is large enough or strong enough to handle the volume of water in your pond.

Fish Quantity

Ponds with fish swimming in them automatically get dirtier because biological waste from the fish enters the water. If your goal is to maintain easy to clean pond systems, you will need to account for the extra burden the fish create. Some filters are designed specifically to handle fish, and others will struggle to keep the water healthy. Make sure your filter can accommodate both the presence of fish and the number of fish you plan to keep.

Submerged or Not

Some filters sit at the bottom of the pond while others are positioned at the top or even off to the side. A filter above the water will lead to more easy to clean pond systems because you can service and maintain the filter without having to fish it out of the water. Keep in mind, however, the in some cases submerged filters provide more cleaning power. You may spend more time cleaning the filter but will spend less time cleaning the water. Easy to clean pond systems make it a lot easier to enjoy your water feature. You spend a lot less time trying to maintain the delicate chemical balance of the pond. Plus, it looks and smells great since the water is carefully clean and restored. If you need help constructing easy to clean pond systems, contact the experts at Russell Water Gardens by calling 800-844-9314.