The Many Designs of Pondless Waterfall Systems

Pondless waterfall systems are undoubtedly some of the most favored water garden features. Not only are they beautiful and fun to design, but also one of the most versatile water pond features to add to your garden. Also, they’re one of the safest. Enjoy the sound and beauty of running water without any of the maintenance or worry with one of our pondless waterfall systems.

Pondless Waterfall Systems

Pondless Waterfall Systems are ideal for the family who isn’t quite sure if they want a full-blown pond just yet. Pondless Waterfall Systems are also ideal for the young family with infant children who don’t know how to swim and want the beauty of a pond as well as peace of mind.

Easy To Install

One of the main appeals of Pondless Waterfall Systems is their easy-to-install nature. While a full pond takes a few days of hours and manpower to install, a Pondless Waterfall can be complete before dinner time. Here’s what you do:

Plan & Design

The first step is to plan out your waterfall. Where are you going to place your pondless waterfall? Will your plan fit in the selected location? It’s best to draw out your Pondless Waterfall System in its selected location. Talk to your nearest pond supplies store to make sure you have all the necessary equipment to make your plan work. Once it has been planned out, clean out the location and use a garden hose to draw out the outline on the ground.

Prepare the Area

Now it’s time to prepare the area. Dig out your hole. Vary depths to adjust for the different pond levels desired and to make room for all necessary pond equipment. Remember, the center tends to be deeper than the sides. Next, level the land to make sure your pond is level across its outside edges. Fill or dig out land as necessary until sides are level.


Install the pond’s underlayment and liner to prevent leaks and retain water. Add large rocks to your pond first and then fill in with smaller gravel. Install your Pondless Waterfall System and fill the water basin with water. Landscape the area surrounding your pond and enjoy!

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