Cool Organic Gardening Tips

John Dromgoole may not be an expert watergardener but he sure knows his way around gardens.  He’s a gardener who specializes in organic plants and gardening. Learn about different organic plants you  can try out this summer. Read this article on his best gardening tips and how to draw a sense of peace from the work of your garden.
John Dromgoole is a native Texan who caught the gardening bug at an early age and made it his life’s work. Now he’s an organic-gardening expert, nurseryman and the host of a radio talk show on gardening. He’s so busy keeping the fires of his gardening passion raging that he doesn’t have time to garden at home, so his nursery is his garden. He has eight acres of vegetable, butterfly, herb and drought-tolerant gardens. He even has a labyrinth made of low-growing sedge near a meditation teepee.

Top 5 Plants for an Organic Gardener

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