Is My Koi Pregnant and Other Common Koi Questions

Common Koi Questions

There’s nothing like a breezy summer of day of sitting in the backyard and watching as the kids laugh over feeding the koi. Little do they know, you’re plagued with questions about taking care of these brightly colored pond fish. We thought we would make it easy for you and answer some of the most common koi questions we hear every day.

Is My Koi Pregnant?

First of all, koi don’t become pregnant in the same way humans become pregnant – they spawn. In the spawning process, the female releases eggs outside the body which are then fertilized by the male. Spawning occurs during the springtime months. Prior to releasing her eggs, the female may appear bloated, or pregnant. Serious koi breeders typically remove the eggs since Koi are known to eat their own eggs and fry (baby koi).

What Is the Sex Of My Koi?

It’s easiest to determine the sex of your koi once they’re more mature, over 12 inches or so. There are two main indicators: the fin shape and color. The fin shape of male koi has more pointed find that are opaque and colorful. Female Koi, on the other hand, have fins that are more rounded and larger. They are also partially or wholly transparent. Another way to tell is in the shape of the Koi’s body. Females are a bit wider than males which allow them to accommodate for their eggs.

What Is a Koi Grade And Does It Matter?

Koi grade is a grading system used to determine the quality of koi. However, different breeders, stores and suppliers use different terminology and guidelines in the grading of their koi, pretty much rendering a universal Koi grade status obsolete. However, this does not mean koi grade is meaningless. In fact, koi grade is a revered Japanese art form called Sembetsu and has been practiced for thousands of years. It takes years of experience and an eye for detail to become a true Sembetsu expert, but they know how to choose the most beautiful fish.

Does Premium Koi Food Matter?

Just like any other pet, feeding your koi can get expensive. And just like every other animal out there, skimping on the good stuff in lieu of for something cheaper can have a huge impact on your koi’s health. Premium koi food not only gives your fish the nutrition they need to live longer but improves their color, boosts their immune system and keeps them healthy for years to come.

What are some of your common koi questions?

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