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Choosing The Best Pond Pump

Best Pond Pump 2,700 – 10,500 gph
2 Year Warranty[/caption]An important part of pond construction is choosing the best pond pump. We recommend talking to a trained and experienced professional. Russell Watergardens & Koi provides free customer service. Our staff can help you in choosing the best pond pump. The benefits to choosing the best pond pump include:
  • Conserving Energy
  • Healthier Water
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Less Required Maintenance

Pond Size

When choosing a pond pump, you must consider pond size. More specifically, you want to calculate how many gallons of water the pond will hold. Pond Size Formula:
  • Rectangular Ponds: (Length) * (Width) * (Mean Depth) = Gallons of Water
  • Circular Ponds: (3.14) * (Radius)2 * (Average Depth) * (7.5) = Gallons of Water
Russell Watergardens & Koi’s customer service team can assist you with calculating any shaped pond.

Total Dynamic Head

Total Dynamic (TDH) indicates the height at which water will be pumped. This effects the pressure pushed back at the pump. Calculating TDH is a bit more complicated than pond size. We recommend calling us directly when choosing the best pond pump. Total Dynamic Head Variables: 
  • Static Height: Maximum pipe height
  • Static Lift: Height when water gets pumped
  • Friction Loss: How water’s velocity effects the pipe.
Multiplying the above variables will give you the TDH.

Amount of Fish

It is important to consider how many fish the pond will house when choosing the best pond pump. We measure this by using the fish load. Fish Load = Inches of fish / Gallons It is also important you don’t go over approximately 5 inches of fish per gallon.   Our customer service team can help you figure out your ideal fish load and the pumps that will suit it.

Russell Watergardens & Koi

Our CEO John Russell co-founded Russell Watergardens & Koi with our President Pamela Russell. They built the business from a retail shop to a large manufacturing company. John creates the patented technology that is exclusive to Russell Watergardens & Koi. We are committed to providing quality products at affordable prices. If you need help choosing the best pond pump, give us a call at 800-844-9314. Our professional customer service team can help. You can also shop for pond pumps in our online store.